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Applying Rub On Decals To Glass

November 08, 2022

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Every now and then I pop into the Dollar Tree...just to see what's new.

While most of the store is filled with predictable staples, the holiday aisles are always a fun place to find little treasures.

Especially from October to December.

The shelves are always overflowing with very interesting and inspiring picks.

For example.

Last week, I found these small rub on transfers.


Dollar Tree Rub On Transfer for Thanksgiving

Psst- These are also a cute option.
And these would be sweet for Christmas.

Since I'm always up for an easy holiday home decor craft, I added a few to my cart.

Once I got them home, I chose a small 9oz stemless wine glass from my cabinet to transform.

Small wine glass on kitchen counter

Transfers are very easy to work with and even though I've used them before on many projects, I still took the time to read the simple instructions printed on the back of the package.

Just in case there were any good tips.

Rub On Transfer Directions

The process was a quick.

How To Apply A Rub On Transfer To Glass

I started by removing the transfer from the package.

Then I gently separated the protective plastic layer of film from the transfer.

Thanksgiving  Wine Glass Transfer separating top film

Then I peeled it completely away without touching the transfer itself.

 It was very sticky and I knew if I bumped into it, the letters would come of on my hands.

Applying A Dollar Tree Glass Transfer peeling backing from sticker

Which is why I was equally as careful when I positioned it on the glass.

Unlike the wall decal stickers I've used to make wooden signs and candle holders, these transfers are not repositionable.

Grateful Thankful Blessed Transfer

Once they touchdown, it's over. You can't move them around.

Luckily, it's not that hard to set them in the right spot.

The transfer is attached to a clear sheet so you can see right though it to center your design on the glass.

Then, just as I've done with other transfers and decals, I applied pressure to the front of the decal to release the letters from the plastic.

Pressing On Glass Transfer

Instead of a credit card or rubbing tool, for this on the curved shape of the glass, my fingernail did the trick.

You can actually see the letters being released from the plastic, so it's easy to know when you're done.

Once I was sure the design had been fully transferred, I simply removed the top sheet.

Peeling Plastic film away from Thanksgiving Decal Glass

To reveal a lovely holiday wine glass.

Seriously, how sweet is that? A custom beverage holder to decorate your holiday table.

And wow your guests. 

Thanksgiving Party Wine Glasses With Dollar Tree Decal

For a mere $1.25. 

However. That tiny price tag only buys you so much.

And staying power might not be included.

It doesn't mention it anywhere on the package, but I wouldn't put these in the dishwasher.

And while I did do a successful soapy test wash, several in fact, I don't think the decals would stand up to daily washings for very long.

Washing Glasses With Rub on Transfers

But...I still think they could be a super festive DIY addition to a Friendsgiving gathering, fall wedding.

And of course, the Thanksgiving dinner table.

I believe they'd last quite a while if you pulled them out just once a year for a quick sprinkle of holiday cheer.

Or you could send them home with your guests as a unique party favor.

They could repurpose it as a seasonal votive holder.

A place to hold craft supplies. Spare change. Rings, buttons, paper clips.

Or more wine. 😉

How To Apply Rub On Transfers To Glasses for Pinterest

Of course another option would be to add the decals to disposable plastic cups, less expensive, no washing worries.

However, I really like the way they look on glass.

And for little more than a buck apiece, I think it's an adorable and affordable holidays splurge. 

Happy Thanksgiving!

What have you found at Dollar Tree lately?

Here are a few more Thanksgiving Dinner Table Ideas:

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  1. These are super cute. Makes the yummy beverage that much better and your table so much prettier. You are the crafty queen sweet friend. I need a trip to the dollar store soon. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks Kris! I hate admit it, but I went back again this week and found more stuff. Oh boy!

  2. Cute, cute, cute! Sometimes it's just the simple things that add so much. Did I hear you mention wine????

    1. Wine for everyone, Ann! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Hmmmm. I think I have stayed away from 20$ Tree too long ;^) Thanks for the great idea!!! Blessings, J

    1. It's a dangerous place, J. I went back this week and bought a few ornaments. They were very similar to the ones in Pottery Barn for $15 and $25...but for a buck twenty five. Love it.

  4. Another great idea. You have got me thinking... I am in charge of the Thanksgiving place cards. Hmmmm. ;-)

  5. Very cute Kim, I use things like this all the time for my glass goblets. So inexpensive and fits a theme.

    1. I could definitely see these on one of your pretty tables, Linda!

  6. Oh those are cute and look so easy to apply too. They would be great to add to a gift hamper.

    1. Super simple for sure and yes, a great gift basket idea!! Thanks!!

  7. I love this idea and you made the wine glass look so nice with the transfer Kim. I do miss the Dollar Tree store as the one close to me closed down. :( The nearest store is so out of the way for me. I will have to make a trip there soon.

    1. Julie, that's so funny that they shut yours down. We literally have several within blocks of each other. I have to say I go to the smaller one that's less crowded. It might not have ALL the good stuff, but I'm happier with less if it's quiet!

  8. Kim,
    These are really quite cute!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks Deb! Very cute, very easy and very easy!

  9. So cute, Kim! I'll have you know that I read half your post, and jumped up to find a transfer decal that I've had a few years and never used. I spent about 20 minutes brainstorming ideas, before returning to finish your post, so if you want to know if you REALLY inspire people, well, yes, ma'am, you certainly inspired me! Still haven't finalized my plan, but I'm going to figure out something to do with that transfer!

    1. Amy, you just made my day. Thank you so much!! Sometimes I wonder about that and it means the world to me when I hear that someone out there was inspired by an idea I shared. Best gift ever!! ♥️