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17 Thanksgiving Home Decor Craft Ideas For Your House and Table

November 05, 2022

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17 super simple home decor crafts to decorate your house and set your table for Thanksgiving.

From thrift store upcycles to Dollar Tree DIYs, come see them all.

Give Thanks Crafty Thanksgiving Pumpkin On Table

Thanksgiving is one of my very favorite holidays.

Unfortunately, it never seems to get the attention it deserves. After Halloween, the world starts rushing toward Christmas.

Even my own holiday decorating seems to be happening earlier and earlier each year.

However, I always make room for a little Thanksgiving decor.

Whether I'm setting the table or warming up my home, along with the pies and the stuffing, I enjoy creating for this brief season.

Crafty Thanksgiving Home Decor Ideas

Over the past decade, I've actually come up with quite a few DIYs and today, I'd like to share some with you, hoping you might find something to warm up your own holiday, as well.


Painted Thanksgiving turkey wooden sign on an old fan blade to welcome the holiday. It's an easy DIY and super cute, too.

Have any old ceiling fan blades? They make great wooden signs.

I used one several years ago as the base for this sweet Thanksgiving Turkey.

You can use traditional colors like I did here, or for a more neutral home decor piece, you can use cream and black or brown paint.

Either way you end up with a handmade keepsake that you'll treasure for years.


Thanksgiving Table Setting With Custom Name Cards

Add a little extra sparkle to that sit down dinner with these darling place cards.

Made from turkey napkins and old dictionary book pages and featuring words like Thanksgiving, they're a simple decoupage project. 

Although, I cheated after making just one. I'm all about those creative shortcuts.

I mean I needed time to actually cook the turkey, right? 


Give Thanks Painted Pumpkin on table with bow and roses

Old Halloween pumpkins make great Thanksgiving centerpieces.

With a hot glue gun and a bit of paint you can turn those sad little leftovers into unique table decor.

I wrote Give Thanks on mine, but you could add whatever holiday sentiment makes you smile.

You could also add names to mini pumpkins and place them on plates to arrange your seating.

Now that would be just darling.


Puzzle Piece Place Card on a Thanksgiving table setting

I have to admit, this Dollar Tree DIY holds a special place in my heart.

Not only was it one of the first Thanksgiving crafts I shared on my blog many, many years ago. It's also a project I used to make with my students.

However, coupled with your holiday finest, those painted puzzle pieces won't look a bit like they belong in a kindergarten classroom.

They'll add an unexpected elegance and provide your guests with a unique party favor.

How fabulous.


Give thanks free printable art framed on a table

I made this printable years ago and its simple, timeless design still graces my home today.

The grain sack styled stripes and slightly faded words complement my cottage style and looks perfectly at home next to some of my more elaborately patterned decor.

You can whip one up on your own on PicMonkey or Canva...or you can grab mine right here.

For free.


Wooden Leaf Banner On Mantel

I made this banner last year and while it's a more subtle ode to Thanksgiving than my turkey clad crafts, it definitely warms my home and hearth.

And sets a welcoming stage for our holiday gathering.

Precut leaves, rustic twine and a little bit of stain was all it took to put this one together.

I did use a drill for the first time on mine, but you can do it without. Unless you're a power tool fan.

Then I say, have at it!


Give Thanks Letter Banner on plate rack with fall decor

I've always been a huge fan of banners and garlands. I think I've made one for just about every season and holiday.

And more often than not, I've constructed them out of unusual items like pot holders, puzzle pieces and greeting cards.

So this Give Thanks letter banner may not be my most creative one, but I think it's my sweetest.

And one of the easiest.

Which is always a good thing during the crazy holiday months.

Don't you agree?


Wooden Cake Or Cupcake Stands on a table with roses around it

Making over thrift store cutting boards is an inexpensive way to create your own personalized home decor.

I added a few feet to mine and a Dollar Tree wall decal to make a unique riser for my holiday table.

Whether you use it strictly for display or to elevate your apple pie, it's sure to wow your guests and brighten up your Thanksgiving home.

The super easy DIY spells out all the details. 


Give Thanks Sock Angel Doll

Want to add a little softness to your holiday? Well then, this little crafty sock angel doll might be the answer.

She's absolutely adorable and coupled with the right decor or seated next to Tom Turkey, she becomes a Thanksgiving treasure.

Best of all, this darling DIY is equally at home at Christmas or Valentine's Day, so no need to pack her away, when dessert is done.


Fall Turkey Sign hanging on wall with feathered leaves

I love dressing my front door with traditional wreaths, but every now and then, I feel the need to to change things up.

This cute framed turkey was just what the decor doctor ordered, way back in 2013. 

He was a joy to create and made everyone who entered my cottage smile.

Including me.


Decorated mason jar with orange flowers on holiday table setting

I love mason jars as much as the next gal, but I never jumped fully onto the bandwagon during the height of the hype.

They were overpriced in my neck of the woods and I never knew exactly what to do with them. Until.

Until I found these white ceramic ones on clearance. Dolled up with a custom sticker, they became mini vases for my Thanksgiving guests.

A personal bouquet for one and all...and a sweet treat surprise to boot. Pop on over to check it out.


Multicolored Roses In A Ceramic Pumpkin

Ah, my sweet two dollar pumpkin cookie jar. I think I love you most of all. Shhh...don't tell the others. 

But, that sparkle, that shine, that hole in the top that allows me to drop a bouquet of flowers inside and look like a superstar tablescaper without any fuss at all.

A true love potion for a lazy decorator.

I highly recommend grabbing one if you're lucky enough to find it.

I guarantee you'll fall in love from September to November, too.


Dollar Store Harvest Wreath For Fall hanging on stone fireplace

Ok. So this was a total experiment. I wanted to see if I could create something elegant from a Dollar Tree splatter screen

Something with an ode to the season of gratitude and bounty. 

Turns out, it wasn't that hard. And it's become one of my most popular posts of all time.

Thanks Dollar Tree.


Cookie Sheet Craft Tray with Apples and Pumpkins for Fall

Any old cookie sheet hoarders out there? Other than me? 

Oh, I had quite a stash, but I just couldn't let them go. Then one day, I decided to turn them into fancy trays and they were granted new life.

Now I use them to decorate and to serve all the time.

Not just on Thanksgiving, but you can bet them come in very handy on that day.


Fall Kitchen Decor Glass Cutting Board Makeover Exquisitely Unremarkable

Most of the time, when I upcycle a kitchen item, it's strictly for decor. Or at least if I'm going to put food on it, something needs to be in between the edibles and the craft supplies.

Food safety is important and most paints and glue are not meant to touch what you eat.

That's why I adore my glass cutting board makeover. The decoupage never touches the food surface, which allows me to actually use my creation for prep or serving.

Just wash the glass and you're good to go.

Can you say cheese and crackers?


Give Thanks Yarn Embroidery  in black frame with pumpkins

I learned to cross stitch when I was very young and always enjoyed it, but really, embroidery is what captured my heart. 

The designs and stitches were so delicate and full of an old world charm. One Thanksgiving I decided to try my hand with a very basic project and I have to say, it wasn't half bad.

It still shows up at my house each fall beckoning me to try it again.

Maybe so, but for now, this framed embroidery project is my one and only.


Fall Table Setting

This tiny table has become the butler I didn't know I needed to help serve my Thanksgiving feast. 

It allowed me to create more space at the buffet and elevate my style at the same time.

A quick coat of paint took it from thrift store trash to treasure while doubling the area to I had to put out dinner and dessert.

And there you have it. 

My Thanksgiving home decor craft ideas in a nutshell.

Super easy and quick to make.

Which is great, since you know they won't be up for long.


Turkey anyone?

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  1. Your little sock angel is just the cutest thing ever. It's always so lovely seeing handmade creations in someone's house. That's what makes it a home in my humble opinion.

    1. Thanks Michelle! I adore handmade. I love the way it looks and love the process of making things. Win win.

  2. I wish to Thanksgiving and Christmas were not so close together. I remember all of your sweet homemade decor ideas for the holidays and still have my cute sock angel you gifted me a few years back. Super sweet. Happy Sunday. Have a good start to the new week. xoxo Kris

    1. There really should be a longer time between the two holidays so we can enjoy Thanksgiving. I love the years when there are five weeks in between. That extra week feels like a nice long breath!! Happy week!! xxo

  3. Kim, I remember most of these crafts you made for Thanksgiving. I love how unique each one is and I love the idea for the give thanks pumpkin. Enjoy this beautiful weather this week Kim.

    1. Thanks Julie! I really like that Give Thanks pumpkin, too. It's so easy and a lovely addition to my holiday home.

  4. Hello Kim,
    I am a fan of Thanksgiving. I would not mind if it got moved to October. Ha! It is close to Christmas so I do think the importance of it gets overlooked. We wait and decorate the day after Thanksgiving. We make it a Christmas decoration weekend. And the Christmas movies start playing too. :-)
    Thank you for sharing all the fun ideas.

    1. We used to do the exact same thing, Carla. Then in past two years, a little bit of Christmas may have found its way into the house before Tom Turkey showed up!!

  5. I love all the projects, Kim! I've made the sock angels with my niece and now I am tempted by the puzzle piece name cards, such a sweet idea! I love the way your mind works.

    1. I remember those sock angels, Amalia. I have them tucked into that post, I love your versions and that fact that you made them with your niece still makes me smile ear to ear. xo

  6. Your little sock angel is so cute.
    Thank you for sharing these projects.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks Jan! She is one of my favorites, too.

  7. Kim,
    Love all your sweet Thanksgiving decorations!! I gave up decorating for thanksgiving a long time ago because of the extent that I decorate for Christmas with working full time night shift, it was just something that had to fall by the wayside...Now since i host every holiday dinner here for my family of 5 including Thanksgiving Day dinner, I do set a nice Thanksgiving Table...even if it is amongst all my Christmas decorations!!! LOL!! But i have a lot less stress after Thanksgiving is over and can sit back and enjoy more of the holiday season!!
    Hope you are having a great weekend!!!

    1. I hear you, Deb. I used to host a dinner for 30 on Thanksgiving and there was no room for a tree with all those bodies jammed into the cottage. Now that everyone is scattered around the country, the gathering is smaller and I have room for a pre-Thanksgiving tree! Enjoy the week!

  8. That's a whole lotta creativity, Kim! I think my favorites are the wooden leaf banner and Gratitude serving bar.

    1. Thanks Amy! I love that leaf banner, too. I put it back up after Christmas and left it there until May!