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Why I Love My Top Loader Washing Machine

April 27, 2023

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Looking for the best washing machine in 2023?

We recently replaced our front load washer with a top load machine and we couldn't be happier.

Today I'm sharing all the important details, all the pros and cons and what you should consider before buying one.

Why I Love My  TOP LOADER  WASHING MACHINE text over photo of a top loader in store

When we moved into this house, it literally needed everything.

Including appliances.

That meant I was finally going to get all those high end, fancy, big girl toys I'd been eyeing in the magazines for years.

Number one of the list was a front loading washing machine.

No, my laundry room was not pretty.

It was in a roughly finished area of the basement.

Clean, but not decorated and frankly, deep in the bowels of our home, behind closed doors, where no one would ever see it.

Except me, but that was enough.

It was going to be shiny and new.

It would have a glass door, so I could watch my clothes get clean and it would be just like the ones tucked inside the pages of Better Homes and Gardens.

And on every single episode, of every single HGTV show.

A dream come true. 

Oh wait, what do they say about being careful what you wish for? Yeah, that.

Now clearly this isn't going to be everyone's experience, but that front loader washing machine was a problem from the get go.

Was is pretty? Yes, it was. Very different from the heavy, metal topped version I had growing up and the one I had in my first home.

This one was sleek and looked great in that dark, pipe exposed hole of a room.

Laundry room with text saying you can almost see it in an arrow pointing to front load washer

And in the beginning I was smitten.

But pretty soon the cracks began to appear and between the bending to get the clothes in and out, the moldy build up around the gaskets and the final straw, the basement flood, thanks to that machine, I was done.

Of course, it was 10 years between delivery and discard.

And in those years it was a decent appliance, so much so that we bought the same brand.

However, now that I've gone back to a top loader machine, I'm literally jumping for joy.

Glass top on top loader washer in a basement laundry room

I don't know why I ever deviated from the tried and true standard. Clearly, I was seduced by what the Joneses had and by sexy marketing. 

But let me tell you, there's a huge difference in my clothes and the ease of doing laundry, since the new top loader arrived. So I thought I'd share. 

You know, in case you're in the market for a new washing machine.
-->You can peek at ours here.

-->This is one with a removable agitator we looked of both worlds for some.

Top Loading Vs Front Loader Washer
Pros and Cons

Apparently top load washers are making a comeback. I'm not surprised.
Here are the pros to owning one.

1. Easy To Load

Woman adding top loading washing machine

Right off the bat I'm going to say that loading a machine from the top is much easier. Even if you have a front loader on a stand, the door is still low.

And today's front loaders are mostly stackable, which means you can't have a stand and the door is even lower since the controls are on the front instead of the top. 

With the top loader, I just open it up, dump my clothes inside and move on. No bending or squatting to get everything inside. Or back out.

2. It Doesn't Smell Moldy

Front loader washing machines are notoriously stinky. There's a rubber gasket around the front of the machine that can (and does) trap moisture and when it sits, it builds up into an icky, moldy mess. 

I constantly found myself wiping that grime away, and running vinegar through it, because I didn't want it on my clothes. However, even with my constant cleaning, an open door, and in my super dry basement, the machine would often smell damp and musty.

And the clothes would smell if I left them in the machine for any length of time...meaning a few hours, not overnight or days. 

The new washing machine doesn't smell at all. We do leave the top open when not in use, but so far, so good. Plus, overall the design of the top loaders makes them less prone to those issues.

3. My Clothes Are Cleaner

We bought an HE (high efficiency) top loader washing machine. However, it still uses more water than the front loader.

That could be considered a con, however, apparently more water equals cleaner clothes. Makes sense, right? For the first time in years, our clothes feel and smell fresher than ever before.

And even though the front load machines use less water, I often found myself adding an extra rinse cycle, especially when using bleach.

Our service tech told us that with the small amount of water front loaders use, they never really rinse the detergent fully away. He said you could wash your clothes without soap and they would still suds up in a front loader a few times. Ew. 

That was 5 years ago, and I hated hearing it when he told us, so I put it out of my head...and never tested it, but honestly, when I pull the clothes out of the washer and dryer and put them on, the difference is dramatic.

4. Large Capacity

Wet laundry in washing machine Impeller top load washer

I think one of the things I love most, is the size of the tub and the opening on top.

I can fit my king size comforter inside, no problem. We got the model with the impeller instead of the agitator, so there's even more room inside for large loads.

With the front loader, I had trouble getting a full or queen comforter inside without a big squish. We had a large capacity machine, too, but there just wasn't enough space to get it into the smaller opening or easily shut the door.

Nothing had room to move around either.

And again, that movement and the extra water makes a huge difference in the quality of the cleaning.

5. It Doesn't Get Out Of Balance Easily

For some reason, the movement of the front loader didn't always play nicely with heavier or single items. The machine would stop, throw out an error code and I'd have to start all over again.

The top loader remains balanced. We made sure to push on each drum when shopping and while some moved a lot, which my husband said would make them more prone to balance issues, our LG model didn't budge much at all.

It received great reviews when it came to balance, the store rep agreed it was a good test and so far, as I said, not one balancing issue.

6. {Most} Top Loader Washing Machines Are Cheaper Than Front Loaders

LG Top Loader Washing Machine in store

That's just the way it is. I guess top loaders are viewed as old fashioned appliances, which is fine with me.

Although, when we shopped, every store was filled with top loaders. Aisles and aisles of them, compared to 4 or 5 front loading models. That's a huge change from when we last shopped for a washing machine. 

Perhaps the tide is turning and people are going back to the top loaders. I mean, everything old is new again, right?

Either way, we found that hands down, top loaders, even the super fancy ones, we several hundred dollars less than the front loaders.

Price is definitely an important factor and let's face it, since nothing seems like it's made to last decades any longer, I'm happy to pay less for something I may need to replace again in 7-  10 years.

Trust me, we've bought very high end appliances before and we still only got about a decade out of them.

7. No More Front Door Floods

Flood Damaged Carpet And Padding This wet carpet and padding will never dry text overlay

Yeah. This was the entire reason we bought a new machine and the majority of our conversation while we were cleaning up gallons and gallons of water from the front loader flood.

If you didn't know, on our anniversary weekend, the sensor on our front loader washing machine malfunctioned and the door opened mid cycle. We were home, but not downstairs, as the water just kept pouring out the open door, all over our newly finished basement family room area.

It was a disaster. Had we owned a top loader, the water would've stopped when it reached the max fill line. However, the water in the front loader never reached that line, since it was escaping out the open door.

All over our wall to wall carpet. It was not something we ever want to confront again. And now we don't have to!

8. You Can Soak Your Clothes

This point is an addition, after receiving a lot of questions. And the answer is yes, you can pause the cycles and soak your clothes in a top load machine.

Our machine has a soak setting, many do. Still others say they that you can simply hit the pause cycle and then resume washing when you're ready. However, since most of the machines are computerized now, I would assume that after a certain amount of time in pause they will simple shut off.

If soaking your whites, for example, is important, I would definitely looks for a model with this feature built it.

So. With all this gushing {pardon the pun...but sometimes you've just gotta laugh} are there any cons to a top loading washing machine?

Well, yes. 

1. Top Loaders Use More Water

Water pouring into top loader washing machine

Even though some top loaders, like ours, are technically HE machines, as I said before, they use more water than front loaders.

It was rather shocking the first time I saw how much more, but again, the clothes are cleaner. 

But it's a consideration for some. 

Most machines will automatically gauge how much water is needed for a certain size load. Other models have settings that let you choose a higher or lower water level.

So you might have some control, but overall, you're looking at more water usage.

2. You Have To Be Careful When Loading

When I was researching machines, the biggest complaint in the comments was always about dry clothes being pulled out of the machine. Apparently, the water never touched them.

Clearly, that's not good, but the salespeople told me that was user error.

They were right.

During my first wash, I was so excited, I dumped all the towels inside, and then through the glass, watched as the water didn't come up high enough to cover all of them.

Maybe the spinning would've pulled them under and eventually, they'd get wet, but I paused the machine, rearranged and restarted to be safe.

Now I know that proper loading is key. I never place clothes over the max fill line and I always spread clothes out evenly in the tub, to ensure a good wash. 

I never had to worry about that with the front loader, I just shoved it all in and hit the button.

3. Top Loader Cycles Tend To Be Longer

Pushing buttons on top loader washing machine to start cycle

My front loader speed wash cycle was 37 minutes on cold water. The top loader, same setting, is 50 minutes. Clearly longer.

Although, as I said before, I often had to run an extra rinse cycle with the front loader, and that added to the run time.

Ok, so we're almost done here, but I would like to mention:

A few things to consider when shopping for a top loader washing machine

  • Glass tops are lovely, but definitely more expensive.

    We almost went with a metal top machine, but then we realized that only the glass top models came with gentle close tops. The metal tops all slammed down pretty hard. So we decided to pay up for finger safety.

  • Some machines are super deep.

    Reaching Into A Very Deep Top Loader Washing Machine

    If you have long arms, like me, great, but even for this 5'8" tall girl, reaching the bottom of the tub in some machines was a challenge.

    I would test it out in the store. There were dramatic differences and even some of the smaller capacity machines were incredibly deep.

    Ours is 4.8-cu and fits the king size comforter with ease and I can grab those lonely socks in the bottom, no problem.

  • Some tubs are stainless steel others are plastic

    We went with stainless for obvious reasons...they just wear better.

    Also, several of the plastic models with made with some kind of antimicrobial chemical built into the drum and that's a hard no for me. I don't want any added chemicals if they're not necessary.

    It's clearly mentioned on the product descriptions so it's easy enough to avoid.

And now, I'm done. My goodness that was a lot of washer talk!

Overall, I'm clearly super happy with my purchase. 

If that isn't obvious by now.

Unfortunately, all those exposed pipes are suddenly very obvious to me.

And a machine that fabulous deserves a prettier space.

Sounds like a good excuse for a makeover.


So, are you a front or top loader fan? Do tell!

Happy Washing!!
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  1. Absolutely 100% a (bad back) top loader fan! I just wish my dryer was also top loading.

    1. Oh my gosh, Pat. I just said the same thing to my husband! Wouldn't that be great?

  2. I too had a front end washer and dryer...UGH! now in the new house they are GONE. Top loaders for now on. Just makes sense, more water, longer washing time, larger capacity, could only mean cleaner clothes. OK more water may not be eco friendly, but do larger loads. hey girl i am with you 100%

    1. Hi Harper! Thanks so much for sharing!! Yes, yes, yes!! I'm glad to hear you love your machine, too. The water thing did give me pause, but I do less loads now, because they're bigger, and yup, so much cleaner. I hope to see you in the comments again soon!

  3. Thanks for this article! Lots of good info! Enjoy your site!

    1. Thanks so much, Pat!! You just made my day. ☺️

  4. I recently went from a front loader to a top loader. I liked my front loader for washing quilts because it is more gentle with them since there is no agitation. But husband did not like the front loader, for the bending over reason. I don't like an agitator, so we compromised and bought a top loader with a removable agitator. However, I learned it's best to use the agitator for large items like sheets, towels, etc., because otherwise, the impeller, as you said, does not always pull everything under water, no matter how I load it. Especially when washing mattress covers or comforters. They seem to form a mushroom cap over the top of whatever else is in the machine. So I use the agitator for those items. Otherwise, mixed loads wash fine when carefully loaded, as if an agitator is in place. That's what I have learned.
    Kathleen - kakingsbury at verizon dot net

    1. Thanks for the tips, Kathleen! I have noticed that mushroom cap occasionally. That's funny you mentioned it. Sometimes it happens, sometimes, it doesn't, it's so odd. I'm still trying to figure out why and what I need when loading, instead. We also looked at the removable agitator machine. It looks like a great compromise.

  5. I am a top loader kind of gal. I don't like the front loaders (even though they are beautiful to look at). I actually have a stackable top loader! The dryer is above it with a slanted piece so that the top of the washer opens completely. It does a great job cleaning and no 'sour smell' from the front loading gaskets. I also have always had a gas dryer which I prefer over the electric ones. Great post of pros and cons! xo Diana

    1. Diana, I can actually picture what you have and it's a very nifty little set up. I definitely got caught up in the front loading hype. I just remember my mom using a stick to push the clothes down around the agitator in the front loader growing up...hahaha. So when by the time I bought my own, I was ready to enter the new millennium. Turns out, I'm an old fashioned kind of girl. Well, without the stick! 🤣 xo

  6. My Maytag is about 10 years old, a top loader. I'm like you and love the looks of the top loader but over the years I've heard so much about them smelling that I'll stick with top loaders. It seems that for every positive thing you do there's a negative that comes along with it. For me the disappointment of putting in a water purifier that removes minerals and chlorine from the water is that now my washer has that damp funky smell and clothes need to come out at once or be put through another rinse. There's an aerator that supposedly oxygenates the water allowing you to always use cold water and use no detergent but I just can't make myself wash without it. It's all very mysterious but better than using the wringer washer out on the screened porch like my mama did when I was very young.

    1. That's so funny!! I just said to another friend that I remember my mom using a stick to push the clothes down around the agitator so they all got wet. Needless to say that machine was as you said, anything is better than that!! And yes, that smell was awful. I would constantly be on my kids to get downstairs and grab your laundry before it smells and you have to wash it again...which wasted more water. So far, I'm very happy with the new top loader, glad to hear I'm not alone!

  7. I was married for 56 years over that period of time we bought 2 whrillpool top loading agitator washing machines. I will confess there were only 3 in the family and the machine was not used daily. Also..I was the only one doing laundry, the machine was never overloading and etc..Now I live with my daughter. Front load washer...All of the rubber stuff around the opening has to be taken out and cleaned..the hard part is getting it back in properly. The washer has an odor and the door has to be kept open when not in use. Currently we have 4 in the family one
    of the members uses the gym daily so the machine is used daily. All considered I vote for top loader. I have never used impeller only agitator.

    1. I hear you loud and clear about that rubber gasket was a chore!! Every time I did it, I grumbled my way through it declaring {loudly} that I would never again get a front loading machine. The top loader definitely is an upgrade, which is ironic considering that they are the old standard!!

  8. The main reason I’m considering going back to a top loading machine is so I can soak my whites in the bleach water. Are the clothes completely submerged in water in the HE top loader?

    1. They are totally submerged, yes and I added a part to my post about soaking since so many people asked about it. I love that option, I'd forgotten how helpful it was to be able to control your cleaning!

  9. We are kind of on the same page here when it comes to new washers. I have gone through many sets in my time and my LG is my very favorite! Top loaders…umm let me just say, I’ll never own another one!
    Every single thing you have said about top loaders vs front loaders is absolutely true! I love love love my LG and it’s got a good sized drum but I wish I had gone for the one about the size of yours. Also, I just couldn’t do without the agitator. I ALMOST purchased the one without but something kept telling me to go with the one with, so I did. I’m glad you are happy with the one without as I’d often wondered about how that would work. LG is the key for me..they are excellent machines and I do have the matched set and I’m very happy with the dryer as well. I paid a bit more than you but at the time we were a little into Covid and they were hard to come by. I love that HD sells them too because I’m a super fan of HD!

    1. I agree about LG. Our front loader was an LG machine, too. The dryer kicked in 2021 and like you said, it was next to impossible to get a new one, so we went with a GE. So far, very happy, but other than the one, granted very big, sensor malfunction, with the LG it was a great appliance. So far the top loader is fabulous. I guess only time will really tell, but a few months in now and I'm still smitten!!

  10. I should have mentioned--my top loader KitchenAid is 30 years old, used almost daily, and still going strong. Obviously I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

    1. You go!! That's awesome. That's the kind of appliances I need. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you, too!!

  11. Good information - I've been sorry that we bought front loaders also (yes, we were also sucked in by the marketing, ugh, I usually know better). With the new top loaders, can you load clothes, fill the tub with water and let things soak? That's one of the things I miss most about my old top loader.

    1. I just updated my post, to answer that question, because you're not alone. Lots of people want to know. The short answer is yes. However, some machines have a soak option and others can just be paused and then resume when you're ready. Unfortunately, if you don't have a designated soak option, the electronic pause might time out after a bit. So I would look for a machine that offers it built in. Hope that helps!

  12. Of course I live in an apartment, so I don't get a say on the washer/dryer. But I had to laugh when you mentioned putting such a big comforter in yours. I say our washer/dryers are made for Barbie and Ken they're so small. I can only fit one sheet at a time in it by itself. And I run it three times because the most it is set for is about 10 minutes! Still I'm grateful to have a way to wash things.

    1. Oh Brenda, that must be so frustrating!! My family generates so much laundry with gardening, DIY and gym clothes. There are lots of adults around here, and lots of towels. I agree though, any washer you don't have to leave the house to use is a great washer!! And Barbie and Ken! Haha!! That's funny!!

  13. Kim, thank you for this review on top loader washing machines. When I moved into my house many years ago we had a top loading machine but I had to replace that and I went with a front loading machine. I am due soon for a new washing machine and dryer. I like the fact that with a top loader you don't have to worry about cleaning the rubber and no flooding or water on the floors.

    1. I think many of us did the same thing, Julie. We all replaced top loaders with front loaders and now many of us are going back.The smell and the cleaning that icky gasket really bothered me, and we always said the next machine would be a top loader, but the flood is what totally convinced me. I never wanted to go through that again...

  14. Great pros and cons. In the condo I have stackable and they are front loaders. I wish I had room for a top loader but since we have electric and no gas we went with Bosh front loader stackable. The new ones have the front drawer for cleaning so you do not have that mold issue anymore. I do like that they use less water and they do not agitate the clothes. So I guess it is entirely up to what works in your space and what you prefer. I love your set. Awesome. Hugs. Kris

    1. Oh, I saw those front loaders with the drawer, Kris. They were very fancy and a big tempting. Then I reeled myself in again and walked back over to the top loaders. Ultimately, it's what you said, you have to go with what works for you and your space. Honestly, as long as I don't have to leave my house to do laundry it's all good!! Hugs to you!!

  15. Hi, I am a top loader girl. ;-)
    Thank you for the great write up. I plan to share it with my sister, who is looking to update her laundry room.

    1. Thanks Carla! I hope she finds the post {and all the comments!} helpful. I love the top loader, I'm just sad I detoured for so many years away from it.

  16. I guess I've never been tempted by a front loader. They were beyond my budget for a long time & by the time I could afford one I'd heard too many horror stories to want one.

    I replaced an old washer just last year & bought a commercial grade Speed Queen! Oh my I love it so very much. I have the washer & dryer set. It washes so very fast. And I love that it uses only the water it needs. It measures out the water according to how much laundry is inside the machine....I don't have to set the water level.

    1. My machine also measures out the water for each load automatically, which I love. That is a great feature. However, it's no Speed Queen! I googled them and they are the Cadillac of cleaning machines!! Lucky!! Perhaps next time around I'll have to check them out. Thanks for the heads up!

  17. This is a great post - so thorough & detailed. The house we bought had a top load washer and of course, a dryer. Everything works fine (just like the coil-top stove in the kitchen!) but hubby keeps looking at a stacking front load washing machine and dryer. However, your post has convinced me to never even look at a front loader! Future me thanks you!!!!

    1. Kristine, I hear you loud and clear. Appliances are expensive and, even if they're not the prettiest, if they work, they're worth holding to for the long haul. I get it though, those front loading machines are tempting, but you can tell from my impassioned post and all the comments that they're not all they're cracked up to be! I'd stick with what you have until you're forced to swap them out!

  18. Top loader for me too! I've never had a front loader, but when we replaced our old machine about 5 years ago, I knew several people who had lots of issues with their front loader.
    I love the large capacity it has and how well it cleans.
    I really like your clear top - I don't have that!

    1. The clear top is nice, Mari. We had the glass on the front loader, so we opted for it again. You were smart to avoid the front loader. I wish I did...

  19. I'm definitely a top loader woman! That's all I've ever had and wanted. I've heard horror stories like yours over the years about the front loaders. My washing machine and dryer are also in the "bowels of the basement", so I don't care what they look like. As long as they function well, it's all good. So about 8-ish years ago when we were looking for a new washing machine, I knew that I wanted simple. I mean, what more do you need than water temperature settings, a delicate cycle, and a couple of regular cycles? Let's face it - a washing machine is to get your clothes clean. That's all. Like I said to my husband, the more things it can do and the more buttons and settings it has, the more that can go wrong and break!

    We have a GE top loader. No problems with a metal lid...not sure what you mean about slamming down, as we don't let it slam shut. We just simply close it. Yes, a regular cycle can be a little long so if I'm in a hurry, I do the quick cycle. :-)

    1. I agree about wanting simple, Melanie. We opted for the same, because yes, the more bells and whistles, just means more to break, especially today with all the computerized parts. As far as the metal top goes, you're correct, it doesn't slam unless you let it go. The glass tops have that slow close hinge, for obvious reasons. Broken glass in your laundry is no good! We chose to go with that because we liked that feature and also because we were used to the glass on the front loader. It certainly wasn't necessary though. I hope you're having a fabulous weekend!!

  20. for those of you looking for can get top loader stackers in. I've had one and loved it

    1. Thanks for adding that! I'm sure there are lots of people interested in that option!

  21. Hi Kim, you just confirmed what I want! My washer is a front loader. The rubber gasket looks and smells terrible! No amount of cleaning helps ! The machine is 16 years old, and getting on its last leg! Top loader WILL be my next purchase! Love reading your blogs. I’m a little green with envy, Susan

    1. Susan, you are so sweet and trust me, nothing to be green about over her. Whatever I can do, you can do! Trust me, I have no special talents. I will say that I love that new machine though. That smell was so nasty, I couldn't take it anymore. Here's to your new washer and again, thanks for the lovely words!! ❤️

  22. Absolutely love our top loader! I have Speed Queen - built to last and the absolute best warranty of any brand out there.

    1. I keep hearing about the Speed Queen! Of course, after I bought the LG. Oh well, maybe next time!! Haha!!

  23. We had a front loader in our last house and I hated it! I never felt our clothes were really clean. I'm a big fan of an agitator. Enjoy your new washer, Kim.

    1. I agree, Ann…I can’t believe how much cleaner our clothes feel now. I swear I even sleep better on our newly washed sheets…and thanks!!

  24. After 21 years our stackable Maytag washer stopped. It was never one problem with it along the way in those years. I decided on front loaders but still like the top loader as far as bending to get at the clothes. I really need to raise it up I guess. I do use on the G E washer the venting refresh after a day of washing clothes. It dries the whole machine. Once a month I use the self-cleaning option to clean inside. . Probably won't last as long as the previous but so far so good. The dryer dries in half the time of my old model and more energy efficient. I like how it handles large thick quilted bedspreads.
    I do like your new washer and dryer. I like the glass top too.

    1. Great tips, Betsy, thanks for sharing! I wasn't aware of the venting feature on front loaders. I bet that's super helpful to keep them dry and prevent that moisture build up. We bought our front loader more than a decade ago, so it makes sense that they've been improved. Here's hoping your new washer lasts as long as the old!!

  25. I’ve never had a front loader and from all the stories I’ve heard, I never will. I love my top loader!

  26. Love my top loader never had a front loader heard because I heard they smell. Glad you have a good one again

  27. We've had a front loader for years now - so far, so good (hope I didn't jinx myself). But just the idea of being able to fit a king-size comforter in a top loader is a real pro!

  28. We hate our top loader. We had an old school top loader that worked awesome. The transmission died so we replaced it with a new one. It is an HE and it does not clean our clothes. My wife has separated my clothes from everone else's because the washer does not clean them. I work construction, so the clothes get very dirty. My clothes always smell after they are washed, if these new he washers worked you would not need all these boosters, oxy bla bla bla... And don't say we are not using it correctly. We have been using it for a few years and read and applied every thing we find on line. I think we are just going to replace it with a speed queen. Maybe it will clean a little better. HE washers are a waist of money.

    1. Oh, that's terrible. I was afraid of that with our new washer, I'd read similar comments online when I was researching machine and I'm so sorry to hear that's been your experience. It's so frustrating when you spend a fortune on a new appliance and it doesn't work the way it should. I'd never heard of Speed Queen washers before people left comments mentioning them, but everyone who has one seems to love it..and they apparently last forever.

  29. What kind is yours?

    1. Mine is an LG. There's a direct link to the exact model in the post above, but it was the 4.8 Cu. Ft. Top Loader. Hope that helps!

  30. In my realm of neighbors, family and strangers that I conversed with regarding these new machines, nearly all women said these new machines are terrible! I have a Whirpool that does NOT ADD ENOUGH WATER to wash or rinse. In fact comments on the internet are hilarious if not totally infuriating. We paid big bucks for terrible products. And here is a do mothers of babies who are washing diapers feel about the newer machines? My old Maytag of nearly 40 years was a DREAM. The wash cycle was easy to control and could last as little as 35 minutes. And the amount of water was controlled at ant time during the wash cycle. Also the spin could easily be cut short or totally eliminated so no wrinkles to deal with. Anybody who has previously owned an old Maytag knows the marketing BS for this disaster will not go away. From the sales people to the repair men to the community around us...we all know the BS will not change our minds. The sales people have plenty to share about stories shared with them from customers. General comment..."these machines are awful and won't last more than a few years and yes I have heard plenty but what the other choice?...Does this sound like happy sales people or happy customers...I don't think so. BS is BS and NOT the truth!

    1. Yes, they surely don't make things like they used to. I grew up with a top loader and it was a workhorse, basic, but it did a great job. I was very wary about buying a new machine, because yes, the reviews are terrible and we've had our share of bad appliances. And high end ones, too...and trying to find bisque appliances for my kitchen has been a decade's long nightmare. So when we bought this machine I was ready for trouble, however after having a front loader for almost two decades, I can say with no hesitation this is much better. I guess we lucked out with our brand and model, but I love it. Again, that's coming from a comparison of using a front loader.

  31. In need of replacing a 22yr old Maytag (old school top loader agitator) that came to the end if it's life. I know I want to stay with top loader though am undecided on agitator or impeller. I have done extensive research and studied a myriad of reviews and just am left perplexed on which will rotate clothes within basket best; clean clothes best; not be damaging to clothes; not finish in a highly wrinkled state at end of cycle. On all of these concerns I find nothing but conflicting insight! This is highly frustrating given this is not an item easily returnable.

    1. It's very frustrating. I went through the same thing. I hesitated on buying a washer for weeks. I finally decided on one without the agitator. I just felt as if it would give me more room to wash my king size comforter and my pillows. That was the final decider and so far, I LOVE my machine. The clothes are clean, I haven't any issues, but of course, appliances are like cars. Lemons are everywhere and everyone's experiences are different. We've bought Kitchen Aid appliances and they died in short order and I've had Kenmore ones that have lasted forever. I will say that there was one brand that had a removable agitator. That was interesting to me, but I didn't love reviews, so I took it off my list. I can tell you this for sure though...none of the machines today are going to compare to your old Maytag. They just don't make things like they used to...and it's sad. I wish you luck!!