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Cottage Style Bedroom Decor For Spring

March 24, 2022

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Who's ready for a little spring decor??

Oh good! Me too.

There are daffodils blooming outside my window, the sun isn't setting until after 7pm and there's no snow on the ground.

Well, not at the moment anyway.

That's usually my cue.

Cottage Style Bedroom Decor lamp and roses on nightstand

Of course, since most of the house is in disarray due to the renovations, decorating with bunnies and eggs is simply not a priority.

Although, my good friend Diana reminded me yesterday that I do indeed have bunnies...renovation dust bunnies!!

And she's not wrong. You know what they say about bunnies.

Just peek behind the plastic and you'll find them all over the place. 😉

Except in my master bedroom.

That room has been cordoned off since the beginning of the reno. It's been my sanctuary and safe space. 

In fact lately, it's been my favorite room in the house.

If you recall, when I first mentioned the renovation and redecorating plans, they included a tiny bedroom refresh.

While still a favorite, the old Laura Ashley bedding had seen its day and my Ikea lamps were not only dated, but they were broken.

It was a sad before.

Green and White Master Bedroom

The shades had yellowed over the years and then several months ago, one of the lamps took a tumble and the plastic shade liner cracked into pieces.

It's easy to hide details like that in photos, but in real life, they were a mess. 

Time to go.

That's when I started shopping.

Lamps proved difficult to find, I couldn't find a style I liked anywhere, and most seemed ridiculously expensive to a girl who usually picks them up at thrift stores.

So I decided to focus on the new bedding instead.

Now, when it comes to decorating, I absolutely adore a two color combo, especially when one of those colors is white.

Red and white, like in my kitchen or living room, blue and white or green and white.

The colors of my bedroom.

I think it's clean, fresh look that allows the main color to take center stage.

And pop!

Therefore, I was looking for a simple green and white quilt to replace the old. 

And came up empty over and over again.

Either the greens were too olive or the patterns were too modern. I wasn't having any luck. 

Then I saw this quilt - from Waverly - and I fell hard.

Waverly Floral Quilt

It had way more than two colors, it was bright and floral, but so pretty and a really good price, so I hit buy.

However, before it arrived, The Ballard Designs catalog showed up and I fell head over heels with a stunning green and white duvet in sage. And I had second thoughts. 

Maybe I didn't want a floral, maybe I should've stuck with my gut, maybe I should buy a duvet and get a comforter go inside...maybe, maybe, maybe.

Lots of maybes. And lots of indecision. 

Which I believe was a direct result of having to make too many design decisions during all the renovation.

It was a nice distraction to focus on something frivolous, rather then the news, but it was taxing nonetheless.

And I couldn't make even one more.

In recent weeks, I've chosen new roof tiles and 

Oh. And I bought new rugs.

So the simple task of choosing bedding proved too much for my renovation ragged brain and by week's end I had several quilts stacked in my room.

And none on the bed. Such silliness.

In the end, it came down to two choices, which I belabored over for far too long, until my husband finally said, Keep both.

So I did.

White And Green Scrolled Bedding with white pillows on bed

The duvet was cut from the running, along with another Waverly comforter.

Instead, I found this gorgeous green and white scrolled quilt and I adore it.

Not much of departure from what I had before, but what can I say? It's just

The weight it lovely, it's a generous size for my king bed and it's perfect for anytime of year. Plus it's reversible.

That's always a bonus.

Green and White Cottage Style Quilt reversible side shown

It looks beautiful and bright now, paired with white roses and my new lamps.

But I can see it looking equally as fabulous in the fall...or at Christmas with a few flocked trees nearby.

Of course, I couldn't send back the floral one. I mean look at those colors.

And those charming cottage roses.

Waverly Emma's Garden Quilt Sham on bed

I'm a sucker for anything Waverly and this quilt didn't disappoint either. 

It's going to be my summer quilt. I'll put it on the bed once the threat of snow is totally gone.

In May.

For now, it coordinates well with the scrolled quilt and I'm using one of the shams to cover a pillow.

Cottage Style Master Bedroom

A taste of spring.

To go with my new lamps! I found the bases at Home Depot of all places.

Here I was trying to get all fancy, shopping online at lighting stores and there on the shelf at my local store, were these beauties.

For a steal.

Cottage Style Table Lamp Base

I almost grabbed a pair of shades there, too, but I wanted something a bit daintier. 

That's when I found these pretties.

White Floral Lampshade

I'm a simple girl and they just fit the bill. 

They add a bit of romance to my boudoir without all the fuss.

Oh, there are still a few changes I'd like to make in here, mainly accessories, a small furniture flip or makeover.

I'd love a headboard.

I've even contemplated swapping out the rug, but I still really like it.

So it's not a priority.

White Bedding For Master Bedroom

And frankly, I doubt my husband would be as enthusiastic about keeping more than one, when UPS dropped six of them off at the house.

No. For now I'm settled.

I'm happy with my choices.

The room makes me smile.

And there's not one maybe in sight.


Have you added spring to your bedroom?

Resources for this room:

Happy Spring friends!

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  1. I love Laura Ashley. She has the prettiest prints. Your bedroom refresh looks so pretty. Ha ha dust bunnies are good decor for Easter! Happy day. Have a good one. xoxo Kris

    1. I agree, Kris, they’re certainly the easiest Easter decor…leave it to Diana to put a positive (and humorous!) spin on them! Happy Thursday!

  2. OMGOSH! I love your choices-especially that floral. I, too, am a sucker for Waverly fabrics and have used lots of them over the years. I can't wait to see everything all pulled together..and I am sure YOU can't wait either.
    Meanwhile- enjoy your spring DUST BUNNIES! lol. xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! And thank you for the comic relief. Haha! The construction has been wearing on me a bit and now when I look past the plastic instead of seeing a mess, I'm going to see my Easter bunnies! ☺️

  3. Beautiful choices. Lovely room.

    1. Thank you so much, Lorri! I appreciate your kind words. Happy Spring!

  4. Kim both quilts are absolutely stunning. And of course your husband is right, you should keep both. After all the bed has to have a winter and a summer wardrobe. I cannot wait to see the finished room. You are going to feel like a queen in there!

    1. Thanks so much, Mary and you're right. It's so funny, when the kids were younger and we first moved in here, I had tons of quilts...many for each season. However, lately I've been stuck on that one. It feels fun to have some choices again!

  5. I love both of your bedding choices! I am glad you kept them both. Great lamps too!

    1. Thanks Penny! I'm thrilled with the lamps...I couldn't believe how hard it was to find something simple.

  6. Your bedroom feels very soft, romantic and cozy. I think I mentioned before that I have always loved Waverly fabrics and patterns. And those lamps are totally adorable~I hope you don't mind if I look for some for myself! It's nice to know I'm not the only one who switches out bedding seasonally. I am embarrassed to admit I have 4 sets of comforters and shams. Some women buy shoes, some women buy bedding!!

    1. Hi Kristine!! I'm so happy to hear that you like the lamps! I can't believe how hard it was to find ones that were reasonably priced. Yikes they can get expensive...and yes, we are Waverly twins!! It's my favorite. They really make such classic patterns. I answered Mary above saying that I used to buy a lot of bedding and then for some reason I stopped, which is funny because it really is the quickest way to give a bedroom a refresh. I think the addiction has started again!

  7. I love your choices! The comforter is classy and those lamps are perfect - and from Home Depot! My bedroom really needs work, and now you have me thinking about it...

    1. Thanks Mari! I had those Ikea lamps for decades. These are so much better...gotta love Home Depot!!

  8. I worked at Laura Ashley in the mid-80's and have always been smitten with those English florals! I love that green and white and may have to investigate...and no, I haven't redecorated the bedroom for Spring and its high time I did!

    1. So funny, Gina, my sister worked at Laura Ashley at that time, too. I remember her house was covered with flowers and I was dressed in them! Tiny secret? Underneath that new quilt lurks an old Laura Ashley comforter that I just can't bear to part with...

  9. I love your new bedding and your lamps! Beautiful choices. I have been wanting to refresh our master bedroom too, but I'm working on the living room first.

    1. Thanks Melanie! We’re in the middle of several projects right now, and it’s a little overwhelming. I like to focus on one room at a time. I can’t wait to see how your living room refresh turns out. Happy Decorating!!

  10. Love love love the comforters..both of them. The lamps are perfect. I too swap out my bedding a few times a year. My problem is I’ve run out of places to store them. I’m right behind you (seems like a pattern) on messy renovations, but we must bite the bullet and forge on!

    1. Thank you, Sweet Susan!! I used to change bedding out several times a year, it was the easiest (and least expensive) way to get a totally new look. Then I got lazy and went through a purging phase. I think that's over! Let the bedding swaps begin! Good luck with your renovations! I hope you share pictures when it's done.

  11. Kim, I can't wait for spring weather to arrive here. It's still cold and nasty here! I love the new quilts and the lamps Kim. It's such a nice feeling to change things around for updated look in the bedroom. How exciting to be doing all of those updates with your house too.

    1. Oh Julie, I'm with you!! There are such pretty pink trees blooming in my neighbor's yard right now, but I'm still wearing my winter coat. The bedroom updates allow me to fake it a bit. Thanks for the visit and here's to spring!!

  12. That scrolled bedding is beautiful. No wonder you fell in love.

    1. Thanks Michelle...I just love its simple elegance.

  13. I had to laugh at your lamp find. I too went to all the fancy stores thinking that's where I'd find suitable lamps for our living room recently. Too pricey I settled on less expensive ones from Home Sense (Canadian version of Home Goods). A few days later my husband came home from a trip to Home Depot and said he saw several really nice lamps for a decent price. Home Depot, who knew! The scroll quilt you chose is gorgeous and I love that it's reversible...and at Amazon no less!

    1. Thanks so much, Marie, I'm glad you appreciate my bargain shopping ways. I hate to spend a lot of money on this stuff since I'm so fickle. Funny thing is, I buy with the intention of swapping then fall in love and keep things for a long time. Turns out most of the inexpensive finds are quality items. Home Depot and Amazon for the win!!

  14. Hi Kim,
    Our kitchen is just about done. I will be showing it off in April. I am so happy with it. We still have trim work to putter with, but the big stuff is done.

    I like your bedroom, I like the calm, garden feeling I get when you share it.

  15. Kim,
    Just gorgeous!! Both quilts are stunning but you know that my favorite would be the Waverly one with those cabbage roses!!!! And I do love the color of your walls!!! Beautiful!!

    1. Waverly is a staple around here, just can't go wrong with roses!! Hugs!

  16. A room that makes you smile - that's a success! I love the bedding you kept. I could even see the Waverly quilt folded over at the end of the bed on top of it (at least in the photos, it looks like it would work). I know how it feels to have decorating fatigue - I've been suffering from it, too, and not because I'm doing a major renovation. I'm just tired of looking for something I can't seem to find! Hoping to catch up on my blog reading - way behind!

    1. Thanks Amy, that's my measure of a decorating success, too! I was thinking about adding that floral quilt to the end of the bed and I just may. I removed the Laura Ashley one last week, packed it up and tucked it in the closet. As far as looking for things I can't find? Story of my decorating life in these teeny cottages. It's what started me on this DIY journey long ago, so I get it!