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A Little Saturday Morning Chat In May

May 06, 2023

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Good Saturday morning, friends!

And Happy May.

It's finally here...but I hope it gets warmer quickly. Truth be told, so far, the weather's been rather disappointing.

Aside from two days, when it was basically summer, all we've had is cold temps and some leftover April showers.


Taking Off The Pool Cover

However, when I peeked outside this morning, things were looking up. It was sunny and bright and Mr. Exquisitely Unremarkable was busy, busy, busy.

I'm hoping our open pool will coax spring out of hibernation. Fingers crossed!

So besides dodging raindrops, what was I up to in April?

Dollar tree lace vase makeover for spring and summer

And I totally transformed my dining area when I added pom pom fringe to my kitchen curtains.

Ok, it wasn't that dramatic, but it was a nice change.  

It was a task I'd put off for far too long, so it felt good to get it accomplished.

I plan to do the same in the living room. I just hope it doesn't take quite as many months for me to get to the machine.

In addition to that new washer, we also got a brand new bisque colored refrigerator and dishwasher.

GE Bisque Refrigerator in the kitchen

 It's a difficult color to find, so it was a big day when they arrived.

Apparently, like my cottage style decor, love for all things floral and laminate kitchen countertops, it's very outdated.

Whirlpool Bisque Dishwasher in the kitchen

I swear, every time I go shopping lately I come home with a complex. Ha!

That's ok, I try not to worry much about what other people think, but I have to laugh, since cottagecore is a huge trend right now. And bisque is basically beige. 

But they're outdated. Ok...

Moving on, the rotten weather kept me inside, so I had a lot of time to redecorate around here.

I just gave our new vanity a makeover and I love it. It's the one I picked it up at the beginning of April.

I'll be sharing all the how to details very soon, in case you want to do the same, but here's how the room looked before I bought and updated the vanity.

Master Bathroom Before Vanity Makeover

I also put a new floral quilt on my bed, so at least there are flowers inside.

I recently cleaned out my phone and found pictures of 50 - yup 5-0 - DIYs and recipes that I've never shared. Hopefully, I'll get some of those up, as well.

There's a bench I recovered, a window we replaced, a chicken crusted pizza (it was new to me and soooo good!), new curtains and a green toile pillow in the family room and much, much more.

In very exciting news, I wanted to share a few tidbits about some of my favorite people.

My daughters are singers and songwriters, and they're releasing new music on May 26th. Their co-writer and producer is part of the writing team behind the new Grease show, Rise Of The Pink Ladies.

During the week of the great washing machine flood, they were in LA for business and in April, we went along while they filmed their latest music video. 

That process was super fun to watch. 

Kelly and Kat Stardust Video

You can hear a preview of the song on their Instagram page or on their website.

Also, my good friend Deborah just published a book! It's called The Gospel According To Maggie. I'm waiting to read it until I have a signed copy in my hands. 

But you can check it out on Amazon right now.

Lastly, I have a question for you. 

When I share a DIY or decorating post, I try to include the resources or supplies so that you can replicate the project if you wish. However.

I never know exactly where to put that information so it's easily accessible...yet not in your face if you're not interested. 

It's a fine line to walk. 

Sometimes, I link it in a sentence while describing the I did above when mentioning my floral quilt or my friend's book.

Other times I block it out like this:

Resources from this DIY:

And I guess I could do it more visually if it's just one item, when I get a lot of questions, like I did about these clear storage bins....(that are 15% off today with the coupon).

Clear storage bins for organizing bathroom drawers

I just don't how to make it clear, as I literally get emails every day from people asking about the links, so I'm not sure I'm doing any of this right.

So I figured crowdsourcing might be way to find out what works best for you. All opinions are welcome and I truly appreciate the input!!


Well that's all I've got for today!

Now, I'm off to a few thrift stores.

I hope you have a lovely weekend and a dry May.

Or at least a sunny one. 

And if you can send some warmth to my little island, I'd appreciate it.

Because this girl wasn't built for the cold.


What's on your agenda for May?

Happy Saturday!!

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  1. Good Morning sweet friend. Ohhhhh you have been so busy. I am so excited for your girls. They are so talented and beautiful. I will check out your friends book too. Ohhhhh just seeing your pool makes me smile. I wish I lived closer you would see me everyday with a floaty in your pool!!!! We are having the same kind of weather but this weekend and all next week in the high 70's so we are getting there. Have a super weekend. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks so much, Kris! It is exciting for everyone. I love to see people being creative and releasing their passions out into the world. I just feel lucky that I get to share it and support them. And living closer would be a dream! Happy weekend!! xo

  2. I much prefer all resource "blocked" together.

    Re: Your refrigerator. I see that lots of people complain that it's very noisy. Is yours?

    1. Hi Pat! Thanks for input! Hmmm...the fridge. So wouldn't say it's any noisier than the one we had before, but now I want to go and look at the reviews! I was so happy to have any bisque fridge with water in the door that I didn't even look at them. We actually owned this one before...then it kicked, so we bought a Whirlpool and it was ok, but lately the water filters tasted terrible and people were complaining everywhere. We even stopped using the fridge water. Then it had other issues, so we came back to the GE. I hope it doesn't get noisy!! Hahaha!!

  3. I think no matter how you link things there will be questions....some people are just blind, sometimes we're just not awake or we read too fast...skimming through or not finishing at all. I'm sure it must be frustrating. I think adding the links as you talk about things would bring fewer questions than adding them at the end.

    We got the floorplans for our new house this past week. I am so anxious to start shopping for things but I know it months away. I'm hoping to find a few things used at garage sales or thrift stores to help keep the cost down.

    1. Thanks for sharing your links thoughts. It really does help...but let's talk about the new house!! That sounds fabulous and I love the idea of furnishing it with thrift store items. I find that slowly most of my store bought items are being replaced with my second hand finds. This afternoon I found a really cute table and a huge lampshade for $1.50!! I wish you the same kind of shopping luck!

  4. I am so excited that you are getting your pool open! It has been a long cold winter/spring here, too. I don't have anything blooming yet and the trees are just budding out finally. I love all your ideas and inspiration. I did not know you could get bisque anymore! I had that color in two homes and loved it. I have stainless steel now (John's choice) and hate how hard it is to keep clean...except for the stainless steel gas stove top....that is a miracle to keep clean easily. I like when you put the links right in the sentence but that is just me. Good luck! Blogging is NOT easy. lol. xo Diana

    1. Diana, I know you just got snow, so I feel for you. That is just too much for me!! I do love my bisque appliances, but yes, hard to find. I'm just not a stainless fan, I like the way the bisque ones fade away between the cabinets. Although, if the stove goes, I might go for one that's red!! Hahaha, big surprise!! Thanks for the blogging input also, it's very helpful!! xxoo

  5. Kim, I would send you some warmth but being in CNY I don't have any to give, sorry. When I saw your lace vase I wondered if you ever tried it on your windows..the paint comes off easily when you tire of it and it was an inexpensive valance treatment for me.

    1. Oh yes, central NY is even colder than it is down here. I hope you get some warmth, too! The lace on the window sounds interesting. I have a window that I don't want to cover with a curtain, but I could definitely use a little privacy...hmmm...might have to think about that one. Thanks!

  6. Kim, how proud you must be of your daughters! I'll go right to the link and listen to their new recording. I remember back when you were looking for bisque for another stove and thought how pretty bisque was. I'm glad you're sticking to what you prefer even if it's sometimes a waiting game. Do you know the YouTuber XO MaCenna? In the process of building (yes herself building it!) her new kitchen she ordered a white range and waited months for it, then when it came it was Bisque instead of white. Turns out she is so glad they shipped the wrong one because she loves the bisque! So you're not the only one! I know how much you love pool and beach weather so I hope you get some soon. Your list of projects done astounds me! Don't forget to share them all with us, although you did do a humdinger of a job on the bathroom vanity remake! I always seem to go direct to the links that you post at the end of your post so that seems easy. It's nice of you to include them!

    1. Thank you so much, Dewena, for all your kind words! I am excited for the girls and very proud of them. They’ve been singing and performing since preschool, it’s been fun to watch the evolution and growth. I don’t know that that YouTuber, but now I need to go check her out…another bisque loving girl? Sounds like my kind of DIYer. Thanks also for weighing in about the links. I’m never sure what’s best, so that is helpful!!

  7. I'm not built for cold either - hooray for opening the pool.
    I think any of those ways work to link products, honestly I've used them each way. I know - not much help!
    Congrats to your girls and your friend. I'm of to check your links to them!

    1. Thanks for the input, Mari! I appreciate it...and so funny, here we both live in snow covered, long winter states and neither one of us likes the cold. I guess we just need to enjoy summer as much as possible!!

  8. Ok, Nobody Knows may just be my new favorite song! 🤩 Your daughters are amazing! Such beautiful voices! I’m in awe of what you’ve accomplished this month! And I love the new fridge! 😍

    1. Thanks so much, Mandy!! ❤️ That just makes us all smile! I love that song, too. It's a fun one.

  9. Gosh, you have been busy. Sorry about the weather not playing along. We've been alternating between hot as blazes and freezing cold this side of the world, so I guess Mother Nature is still trying to make up her mind.

    Big congrats on your daughters too. I thought I'd pop over to their IG page before leaving a comment and got completely side tracked by their videos. They sing like angels. Wow!!! Goose bump stuff. You must be so incredibly proud, Kim. They're both so lovely. Wishing them lots of fans and music magic.

    1. Thanks so much, Michelle! They've been singing for a long time, and I've been enjoying my front row seat. Your comment is super sweet. Oh and yes, Mother Nature is certainly in a mood lately. Hopefully, she calms down and decides to spread some {seasonally appropriate} warmth and sunshine to both hemispheres!!

  10. Kim, how nice to have your pool all ready and opened up. The weather is finally warming up and sunny. I think I can finally put away our winter coats. LOL. You have been so busy this past year with all of your renovations. You and your family can now enjoy the summer. Congrats also on your daughters and their music career. I hope you have a nice spring and summer.

    1. There have certainly been a lot of renovations around here. I'm so happy to have most of them behind us now. Maybe we'll have some time to relax and enjoy some sunny weather, now that it's finally arrived!!

  11. Congratulations to your girls on their singing adventures! It has been an interesting winter here - and spring has been wishy-washy. We got a lot of rain last week, but by this weekend supposed to warm up into the 80s, so that sounds pretty good to me! As for information about product, for me, it works right where you are talking about it, or at the end, either way, whichever is easier for you! Blessings to you!

    1. Thank you, Marilyn! We’re really excited for the new music. I wish spring would get its act together, right now we’re sort of stuck in a wishy-washy state, as well. Hopefully, the weekend is sunny and bright. Wishing you a fabulous Mother’s Day in your garden! Blessings back to you, my friend.

  12. Congratulations to your girls!!! It has been a joy and privilege to follow them as they continue to grow and follow their dreams!!! And dreams are coming true. I love it. Thank you for sharing them with us.
    Love, Carla

    1. Carla, you are the sweetest!! ❤️ Thank you so much! I can’t wait to share your comments with them.

  13. I clicked over to your daughters' website - oh, my, they are talented and beautiful! It's so nice that they share the same passion!
    You've been a busy lady, that is for sure. And I can't seem to crank out even one blog post. I've got so many that I've started and never published.
    As for the product links, I truly don't have a preference. I think when there are a bunch in one post, it's convenient to have them all listed together.