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25+ Easy DIY Mother's Day Gift Ideas

May 04, 2015

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Mother's Day may be just around the corner, but there's still time to spoil a mom in your life with a personal gift you can make on your own.

Easy, inexpensive and totally doable. Check them out.

25+ Mother's Day Gifts DIY with photos of various crafts

Way back in 2015, I shared a few crafty projects for Mother's Day. 

Since that time, 8 long years ago, I've come up with a few more ideas to add to the list.

Of course, as a mom, I can say with confidence, the best gift is always time spent together.

But no one says you can't make a little something to sweeten the day. 


I'm a huge fan of DIY, that's a well known fact.

What may not be as well known is that I love to get handmade items, just as much as I love to make them.

There's something heartfelt about a gift that's been crafted, rather than purchased.

Of course, not everyone feels this way, but if you're looking for a last minute DIY to wow on Mother's Day,  I have a bunch of simple ideas for you.

And every one of them is guaranteed to come out looking fabulous.

 No matter your skill level.

Scouts honor. It's the Exquisitely Unremarkable way.

Ok, I haven't been a scout for decades, but I'm sure it still counts.

Last Minute DIY Mother's Day Gifts

Whether you looking to upcycle a thrifted find, get crafty, pick some flowers, grab them at the grocery store or cook a meal, I've got you covered.

1. Mother's Day Foot Scrub

I received this gift from my own kids last year and I loved it.

Sugar Foot Scrub in a mason jar with a red ribbon

Their recipe:

Mix 1 cup brown sugar, with 1/2 cup of olive oil and 1 tablespoon of vanilla and put it in a mason jar.

Then they raided my ribbon stash to add a simple bow and wrote the loveliest poem about me and framed it.

Seriously, this was one of the best gifts I've ever received. Sweet words and soft feet rate high in my book.

I promise, you can't mess this one up and if you throw in a few coupons to rub mom's feet with the scrub, um, you can totally secure your place as #1 kid.

Just don't tell my kids I said that. 😉

2. Paint Swatch Whiteboard

Keep mom organized with this elegant whiteboard made from a large, leftover paint sample and a bargain priced picture frame.

Adorned with an old necklace, this board comes with a little extra bling.

The kind that mom can wear, too. Fabulous.

3. Handmade Sticker Sign

Tell mom you love her with a wooden sign.

Our Family's Gathering Place DIY Wooden Sign on a coffee table next white flowers in a vase, next to a small ceramic frog

The dollar store has tons of wall decals.

Place one on a painted board and for a few bucks you have a sentimental custom creation for mom to cherish.

4. Hurricane Flower Petal Candle

Why not give mom some flowers she can enjoy all year long?

Follow the ridiculously easy instructions for this elegant project that involves little more than deconstructing dollar store stems. 

Then just drop in a battery operated candle and wrap it up.

5. Book Page Magazine Hanger

Is mom a magazine fan?

Place an order for her favorite read and upcycle an old wooden hanger so she has a spot to display her new subscription.

6. Custom Paint By Number Kit

So this one is a really a relaxing DIY for mom. 

Ballerina Painting

If she's crafty, why not gift her a paint by number kit and let her create some lovely {foolproof} art.

Or you can send in a family photo, pet or favorite vacation spot and they'll make a custom paint kit for you.

7. Tea Cup Favor

Have a tea party with mom, just like the old days.

Pick up a few cups, on sale or at thrift stores, fill them with her favorite blend and spend the day sipping.

Or better yet, take mom out shopping for the day and find a cup that suits her.

The tea cup will serve as a memento of your precious time spent together and like I said, that's the best gift of all.

8. Cook Her A Meal

So you're really more of a cook than a crafter, huh?

Ok, no problem. How about making mom a meal she won't forget.

My mom's recipes are all winners.

Eggplant and Chicken Pizzaiola were her specialties.

Sliced Eggplant Dish with cheese tomatoes eggplant on a try

And both super easy. I'm not kidding, I can barely cook and these are my go to's.

Serve them next to a side of popcorn rice and top the meal off with a 5 minute blueberry pie.

You won't be disappointed and neither will mom.

But remember, you have to clean up, too. I mean it is Mother's Day.

9. Pick Some Posies

You can also decorate the dinner table with some blooms from the garden.

Easy and Inexpensive Floral Arrangements

Arranging flowers is easy with a few quick tips.

Plus, they're free and they'll brighten the house for days.

10. Monogrammed Coasters

If your mom is the "use a coaster" type, then this DIY has her name all over it.

Wooden Floor Sample Coasters

Cute, upcycled and an easy way to keep those rings off the furniture.

Stamped with the family initials. Perfect. 

11. Men's Shirt Apron

This is one for all the fashionistas out there.

Men's Dress Shirt Apron DIY

It's an adorable apron made from a men's button down shirt. It takes no time to make and you don't need to know how to sew. 

For real.

12. Make A Cardigan

And no, you don't need to knit or crochet for this one.

Girl wearing a DIY cardigan sweater over a white tank top

It's a fashion upcycle. A quick and easy, ribbon adorned cardigan from an old sweater.

Again, sew or no sew, it's darling.

13. Make A Ring

A denim ring! 

DIY Denim Ring on ring holder with other rings in cup below

You can use scraps from old jeans to make a personalized ring.

It's a fun accessory, perfect for the whimsical days of spring and summer.

14. DIY Cup Cozy

Ignore that snowflake, although it has been known to snow in May in some parts. Brrr.

DIY Cup Cozy Gift Idea on table

This cup cozy can be made using any color jeans to protect her hands and dress up her favorite beverage.

Oh, and if it came with a tea bag or a gift card, even better.

15. Shell Wreath

Have a bunch of shells from that beach vacation sitting around?

Coastal Shell Ornaments DIY

Why not turn them into a fun memory wreath.

Just glue them all together and they're ready to hang up and remind mom of all those lazy, hazy days. 

16. Glitter Candle Holder

Ok, so I made this at Christmas time, using a holiday sentiment. But you don't have to. Candles warm up a room anytime of the year.

Christmas Candle that says joyful on table with greenery around it

Wall decals and stickers with words and pictures are plentiful, especially at the dollar store. 

Grab a glass vase and some glitter, while you're there, and you're good to go.

17. Denim Tote Bag

Shopping totes are awesome, especially when they're stylish.

Decorative DIY Denim Bag

This one's made from an old pair of wide legs jeans.

Decorate it with an iron on transfer or leave it alone. Either way, it's a useful gift that's bound to become a favorite.

18. Personalize A Glass or Candle

Or both! 

Valentine Wine Glass on floral pink plate on table

The technique is the same and they both make great gifts. This one was for Valentine's Day, but again, those stickers are everywhere and, trust me, they have great ones for mom.

Just peel, stick and go. How easy is that?

19. Raised Charcuterie Board

Charcuterie boards are all the rage. 

Wooden Charcuterie Board Riser

And while they're traditionally made to hold an array of meats, this darling little version can serve whatever you, or, well mom, likes.

Plus, it's food safe and quick to assemble. Fabulous.

20. Decorative DIY Journal

Everyone loves journals and you can make one for mom for about three bucks.

Paper covered notebook on counter between gold candlesticks and flower filled vase

It will literally take you less than 10 minutes to create.

It will decorate mom's desk and give her a place to record important memories, make lists or just journal.

21. Grocery Store Tulips

Ok, so you've seen all the ideas, carefully pondered your choices, thought about which one mom would prefer.

And you've decided that you really just want to buy her something and be done with it.

Multicolored  tulips in a white pitcher on a counter next to lemons on a red mini cake pedestal

Ok, no problem, I say go with tulips.

They're super cheap at the grocery store (mom wouldn't want you to spend a lot), look good in any container, from a rugged galvanized bucket to a dainty lace covered dollar store vase.

Lace covered glass vase with pink tulips on a table

And if they come attached to you and with a big hug, they're bound to be a hit.

Mom approved.

Last but not least, I've rounded up a few of my favorite ideas from friends, including:
Well, that's it, that's all I've got for you today. I hope you've found some thrifty gift-y inspiration or maybe stumbled across an idea you'd like to make for yourself.

They're easy enough and there's nothing wrong with giving yourself a little something every now and then.

Just ask your mom. 😉

Are you a homemade gift giver?

Happy Mother's Day, Friends!
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  1. Lovely ideas. I really liked what your children did for you. That is so sweet. xoxo Su

  2. You've got some nifty ideas here that are certainly affordable. I'm sure lots of daughters can make use of them for their mothers.

    1. My kids love to make this for me, I figured, maybe others do I shared a few of my easiest! :)

  3. I could use dome of that scrub! Whatever it is your getting or giving, coming from family, always makes it very special right?!

    1. Agreed, Vel! Those are always the best gifts! :) Happy Mother’s Day!

  4. Lots of lovely ideas here! Very inspiring makes (and not only for Mother's Day!)
    Happy week!
    Helen xox

    1. Thank you, Helen. Happy week to you, too!

  5. Hi Kim,
    I love that you kids made you the foot scrub. I have seen this all over Pinterest and it looks so easy to make. I will give this a try. Thanks for sharing all of these ideas. Have a wonderful week and Happy Mothers Day!
    Julie xo

    1. I think that's where they found the idea, Julie. They modified the recipe based on what we had, but it works great! ;) Happy Mother's Day!

  6. I have seen the recipes for the foot scrub but never tried them. I may have to give it a try. I think that publishing your mom's recipes is an inspired idea. We found that when my grandmother was in the nursing home it was easier to visit when there was something to do. In her case her memory was affected so we worked on jigsaw puzzles. Both of you will enjoy the process. Please consider the idea of putting together and publishing a collection of favorites with her comments, even if it is only a three ring binder, to share with family members. I think it would be a keepsake that many would appreciate. You could start the books now and as you publish each post you could distribute a new page. That chicken looks fantastic, by the way.

    1. Lorri, that is a lovely idea. I have to really sit down with that book and go through it all. I think I am really going to do it!! :)

  7. Winner with tulips, anytime!
    Holland Michigan Tulip Festival is happening this week. . . Quite the sight and lots of color . . .
    Google will take you there . . .
    My Mother's Day giving for my daughter, daughter in law s to dig my perennials and deliver to them. My mom is no longer with us . . . she would like it that I am doing that . . . She taught me . . . Japanese Iris is my favorite delivery . . .

    1. I have some of my mother’s and grandmother’s plants in my yard, Lynne and you’re right, best gift ever. Every spring when they bloom, I remember and smile! Enjoy the day!

  8. Great ideas for Mother's Day gifts. Homemade gifts are always the best. I have not heard of the paint sample whiteboard. Will have to give that diy a try!
    Thank you for sharing. Have a great day! :)

    1. That whiteboard was my daughter's creation. She is very crafty on her own!

  9. Hi Kim,
    What cute ideas for Mother's Day. That foot scrub sound great. I bet it smells great too to soak in. These are all great things thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Kris. Yes, it smells great…like home baked cookies. Way better than feet! ;) Happy Mother’s Day!

  10. Love all your ideas! Just a tip for tulips, if y'all don't know (I just found out a month ago): cut your tulip stems on an angle, and poke a pinhole in the stem just below the stem, so they will last longer! It really works! Happy Mother's Day, everyone.

    1. Great tip! I am going to give it a try, thank you Carol! :)

  11. Such a lovely and thoughtful post filled with wonderful ideas that don't break the bank to make! I liked the foot scrub idea - so practical and wonderful too! I love tea, drink it all day long, and would love a tea cup gift like the one you showcased - all marvelous ideas! Thanks for sharing these timely gifts! Hugs to you today!

    1. Thank you so much! HUGS! I forgot to put that on the list...Now that is best gift! :)

  12. These are all great ideas! I love the foots scrub and the magazine hanger the best (I'm all thumbs!). Wonder if I have time for some of the "new young moms" in my life?


    Jane x

    1. Thank you Jane! They are all super easy to make, trust me, I am all about simple…coming up with the time to do it? Oh boy, I hear you loud and clear! Thanks so much for the visit!

  13. I love every one of those ideas and would love to receive any of them myself - perhaps I should be sending out links to your post!.....or make one or two for myself!

    1. Haha! I say send out those links or better yet, send me your address and I'll make you one! :)

  14. Wonderful ideas and all done with items easily found or already on hand around the house! I like that! Tulips are always perfect, as are foot scrubs! Thank you so much for sharing these! I hope you have a wonderful evening!!

    1. Thank you Benita, I hope you have a wonderful evening and a wonderful Mother's Day!

  15. Great ideas Kim. I've always loved to give and receive homemade gifts...much more personal.

    1. I agree. I always remember who gave me what when it's handmade! :)

  16. Hi Kim.

    I really liked your foot scrub idea, I think my husband would like that!


    1. Hmmm. I bet he would! ;) Thanks for the visit Beth. xo

  17. I love giving handmade gifts and these are all great ideas.

    1. Thank you Amalia. Maybe next year I will learn to crochet and I can add something soft and cuddly to the list! :)

  18. I love tulips.

    Mothers Day is always a special day but in the UK we celebrated ours a little earlier than you.

    I had a lovely day - hope all your readers did too .

    All the best Jan

    1. I am glad that you had a lovely day, Jan. I hope it included some tulips! ;)

  19. All great ideas but how sweet in regards to your foot scrub gift last year! :)

    1. Sometimes those teenagers really surprise me with their sweetness...thanks Deb!

  20. Hi,
    I had no idea the foot scrub was so easy to make. Thank you for the idea!

    1. I think they found a recipe on Pinterest and modified it based on what they could dig up in my pantry. Either way, it works and smells wonderful. Thanks for taking a peek! :)

  21. I love them all. It's going to be difficult to determine which one I like best and I have to remember that it is for mom - not me.

    1. They’re so easy…I say make one for you, too! ;) In your spare time…haha! Happy Mother’s Day!

  22. Kim, great ideas! Both my mom and mil have passed, but I like to give a little something to my daughters and daughter in laws. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

    1. Thanks for the party, Jann and I hope that you had a wonderful day with your family…and remembering your mom and mil.

  23. I remember almost all of these DIY's. They are all great ideas. I am like you and enjoy giving and getting homemade gifts to. I am having a luncheon on Thursday for some friends and I am going to do the mason jars with flowers in them at each place setting for a little favor gift for each girl to take home. Hugs. Happy New Week. Kris

    1. Kris, you always put the most lovely parties together! I know all of your guests feel so special with your homemade touches. And can you believe that you commented on this same post 8 years ago?? Oh my where does the time go? Love you my friend. xo

  24. All really cute ideas, Kim. You are so clever! One year I made homemade laundry detergent and it was some of the best stuff I ever used. I may need to dig that old 'recipe' out of the archives. xo Diana

    1. Oh, that sounds like a great gift idea, too. I just found it on your site. Can I add a link to it in my post? I’d love to include it!!

  25. I remember most of these and the apron is still one of my favorites!!

    1. Mine too! I should dig it out and wear it more often!!

  26. I remember many of these. I did make the denim bag. :-)

  27. I remember some of these. I think the thing I'd most want is that eggplant dish prepared for me!