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The Easiest Custom Wooden Sign DIY

March 23, 2023

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Looking for an easy way to make your very own custom wooden sign?

Well, here's how you can create one to match your personalized decor with wall decals and wooden boards from the Dollar Tree.

In under an hour and for under five bucks.

I cut out small leaves from the wall decal

Thrift stores have always provided me with the most wonderful pieces to makeover.

Whenever I need a little decorating muse I head on over to one of my local shops and poke around.

Something always catches my eye.

Then I take it home and make it over into something fabulous.

Well, at least it's always something I think is fabulous.


Lately, I find myself in the dollar store aisles looking at the art supplies and seasonal decor pieces.

You see, second hand finds are lovely, but when I want to create something brand new, I can't always be sure I'll find what I'm looking for on demand on thrifting day.

Plus, sometimes inspiration strikes based on what I see in displays and on the shelves.

For example.

Dollar Tree Unfinished Wooden Craft Board

Several weeks ago, I was browsing in the Dollar Tree seasonal decor aisle and I found these unfinished wooden boards. 

As soon as I spotted them, I had a sneaking suspicion that their wall stickers, the same wall stickers I use to make my wooden signs, were the perfect size to mount on these handy dandy $1.25 boards.

I mean, I've been making wooden sticker signs for years and they couldn't be any easier to do. Here are some of my favorites:
But. The snag for me has always been getting that board. Wood is pricey.

Then you have to cut it or have someone cut it to the proper size for you.

Yes, yes, Home Depot will do it and it's a wonderful service, and my husband is always game, but if I could cut out {no pun intended} the middleman and do it all myself?

Why, that would be ideal.

So I picked up several of those perfect little boards and then headed over to the sticker aisle. The same aisle where I found the colorful floral stickers I used to make my giant Easter eggs.

Dollar Store Wall Decals in the store on the wall

There they had a huge selection of the wall decal stickers I love. Again, for $1.25. 

This time I chose several. Some prints, some sayings, some black and white, others full of color.

Now I have enough small wooden boards and wall stickers to make signs for days. And for every room in my house.

Of course, I started with my family room and I couldn't be happier with the result.

How I Started Making My Sticker Wall Sign

As always, this was a super simple process and one that could be completed in way under an hour.

And for a few bucks.

First things first, I gathered my supplies

To make the wooden sign, I gather the sticker, the board, the stain and pad

The steps after that were just as quick.

Cut the Strings

Ok, so these boards are truly meant to hang vertically, but my sticker was a horizontal saying. That meant I needed to cut away that cord.

I used scissors to cut the twine hanger off the board

It was unnecessary. Snip, snip, goodbye.

Stain The Board

I stained the board with a water based green color to match my new sofa.

I squirted the green stain onto the board

 I just wiped it on with a cotton pad in the same direction as the woodgrain.

I spread the green stain with a pad onto the board

I only used one coat, since the wood was clear and I wanted a light, bright color for spring.

Green board on paper with staining pad next to it

Add The Sticker

Once the board was dry, which honestly took only minutes since it was very thin and didn't soak up much stain, I added the sticker.

Peeling the sticker away from the backing

That was simply a matter of peeling it away from its backing and placing it on the wood.

I positioned it in the middle, although depending on your style, you could favor one side or the other.

Placing the wall decal sticker onto the green stained board

Then I took my hand and smoothed it down onto the board, making sure there were no bubbles. You could use a credit card like I did when I put down contact paper, but it's not really necessary.

Also, these stickers are removable, so you can lift them and apply again if you're not happy with the position or you do have a stubborn bubble.

Cover The Holes

I cut out small leaves from the wall decal

This step is one that I didn't need to do when I had my own boards cut to make signs.

However, since this one did come with a rope hanger that I wasn't going to use, I needed to cover or at least camouflage the holes in the wood.

I did this in two ways.

First, I used a few leaves from another wall sticker I'd purchased. I just cut them out and placed one over the bottom hole...and for symmetry one on the other bottom corner of the board.

*Optional- If you want to seal the board with a clear coat this is where I'd do it. I didn't seal mine.

Add Garland

I twisted the vines into a small circle

The second was by adding a dainty floral garland. It's the same garland I used to cover up the burnt cups on my candlestick makeover

I wound a bit around my finger, to create a small floral ring and positioned it over the hole, threading one end of the garland into the hole.

Then I anchored it with a bit of glue on the back of the board.

And draped the rest of it along the top of the wood, on the front of the board.

Our Family's Gathering Place DIY Wooden Sign on a coffee table next white flowers in a vase, next to a small ceramic frog

As a sign of spring, if you will, and voila. I was done.

In a matter of minutes, no kidding, I had a lovely new addition to my family room.

For a bargain price.

And it makes me smile every time I catch a glimpse of it.

It was another totally foolproof project that looks like a million bucks.

Even though it came from the dollar store.


Are you a thrifty crafter?

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Happy Dollar Days Friends!
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  1. Super cute and I love the touch of the little daisy ring. Happy Thursday and have a wonderful rest of the week. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks Kris. That daisy garland was a bargain find, less than a buck with a coupon and I use it everywhere now, since I bought several packages. I just couldn't resist!! Happy new week!! xo

  2. Kim, you made such a pretty sign that is perfect for spring. The Dollar Tree is a great place for finding art/craft supplies. Thanks for sharing this spring craft idea.

    1. Thank you, Julie. I do love a bargain when it comes to crafting. My daughter has become a Dollar Tree crocheter now. She loves their yarn, she makes almost all of her clothes and bags of out it now, which is great since it's so cheap!!

  3. Great sign, love the color green too. Can't beat the price

    1. Thanks Cindy!! It really is a bargain way to craft.

  4. It's so cute! I love that green and it really does look like Spring. The boards are a game changer. I hate getting boards or asking Bob to cut them. He'd do it, but I have to wait! :)

    1. Thanks Mari! I agree, I’m not always super patient when I want to craft, so I don’t love waiting for my husband to cut them either!! These little boards make it so easy to do it NOW! 😉

  5. Beautiful! As usual. It's no wonder why you win awards all the time! The crafter for the working girl. Quick, easy, almost guaranteed to be fool-proof. You are truly remarkable!

    1. You just totally made my day!!! Thank you so much!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  6. This came out so lovely! You make it look so easy too! - Briana from Texas

    1. Thanks Briana!! Trust me, it is so easy. I don't have the patience for complicated projects!

  7. I just LOVE crafting from Dollar Tree! Your sign Isuzu tooooo cute! Simple, quick and looks fabulous! I enjoy all you do!

    1. Thank you so much...and I agree, Dollar Tree crafting is really the best!!

  8. Love it.
    You are an amazing crafting friend.

  9. The sign came out great - I love the sentiment! It would make me smile, too!

    1. Thanks Amy!! This one was super easy and super inducing all the way around!