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Home Decor Dollar Tree Favorites For Fall

September 23, 2020

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So you want to decorate your home for fall, but don't want to spend a lot?

Head to Dollar Tree. They have the decor and the crafty supplies to make your home look like a million bucks.

Here are my picks.

Dollar Tree Favorites For Fall text over photos of fall crafts

Years ago, a new store came to town and everything was a dollar.

Unbelievable right?

Like most people, I was eager to see what I could get for a buck.

Turns out, in the very beginning, not much.

Oh sure, I was able to pick up a few supplies for my kindergarten classroom, but other than that, I was unimpressed.

Of course, over the past several decades, things have changed. Dramatically.

Now I'm a regular Dollar Tree creator and shopper.

Not only do the stores have a larger inventory, now some of their items rival things I've seen in much more expensive stores.

As a matter of fact, I've found a few things there that I would put on par with items I've bought at high end retailers. 

For example, I spent a small fortune on these pretty pumpkin plates from Pottery Barn.

It's crazy that this fall I could get the very same look with Dollar Tree plates for $5.

A box of pumpkin patch Pottery Barn plates

Mind blowing.

That's why the store has become my go to, not only for craft supplies, but for home decor, as well.

If you peek at some of the menu tabs above, you'll see the proof. There's a long list of projects featuring their stock.

However, I've never shared my favorites for fall. Until now.

So without further ado, here's my list. Enjoy!

My Favorite Home Decor Dollar Tree Items

Seasonal Items

Ok, so this is the one most people head to Dollar Tree for...seasonal decor. It greets you as soon as you walk in the door and follows you for aisles.

Much of it is ready to go.

No crafting necessary, just drop it in your cart, bring it home and set it out. There are so many adorable door hangers and tabletop accessories, it's hard not to get carried away.

My weakness though, is grabbing things off the shelf to either embellish or use as a basis for crafty DIYs.

Like my latest, Boo-tiful pumpkin!

If you think outside the box a little, the possibilities are endless.

Exhibit A...and B, C and D.

White Painted Pumpkins

I used Carvable Foam Pumpkins

Fall Decor In The Living Room

A little bit of orange is very festive in fall, but generally, I stick to more muted tones. I love the way white pumpkins just add a bit of elegance to the season.

However, real ones can be expensive and don't always last the moisture they emit can stain my wood furniture. So I opt for faux.

For about a dollar each, I can afford a bushel in each room. I grab a bunch of foam ones from Dollar Tree and I paint them up. 

Insider tip, I order them online and pick them up in the store for free, since they sell out in the stores fast.

Treat Bag Banners

Elegant Fall Decor including a pumpkin cookie jar wrapped in a colorful wreath and a treat bag banner hanging on a stone fireplace

Halloween isn't my favorite holiday to decorate for...but I have kids who love it. So, again, I opt for a more polished look.

Lots of white painted pumpkins and a banner to adorn my fireplace made from treat bags is all I need to set the mood. 

There are tons of them in all different patterns, so whether you're an understated holiday decorator or jump in with both feet, there's bound to be something that catches your eye.

Splatter Screen Wreath

I bought a Dollar Tree Splatter Screen.
And the Metal Harvest Words that are plentiful in the store during fall.

Splatter Screen Wreath on a stone fireplace with pumpkin on mantle

This was a very out of the box kind of craft for me, but I had seen a few splatter screen wreath ideas online and decided to challenge myself to come up with one that would fit my aesthetic. 

And for a two dollar investment, I was ok with rolling the dice. I'm thrilled with the way it turned out and can't wait to hang it up again this year. 

Puzzle Piece Place Card

I always have a few old puzzles on hand.

Puzzle Piece Place Card on a fall table setting

Puzzle pieces are very versatile little craft items. Add some paint, draw out a pattern and glue them together and you've got a place card, picture frame, banner, ornament, gift tag...

Well, you get the idea. Doesn't matter what pattern you use, I just like smaller pieces for a more formal - less preschool - look.

Which, by the way, is where this idea came can take the teacher out of the classroom, but...

Wall Stickers

Wall decals are the reason that most of my lettered DIYs look so good. I don't have to stencil or paint anything.

So there's no actual lettering involved.

Dollar Store Wall Decals

It's a quick and easy way to cheat when you need to put words on something and for one dollar, you can't go wrong.

There are tons of decals to choose from and whether you place them on wood or glass, they're guaranteed to take your project up a notch.

For a buck.


Thanksgiving Table Riser or Wooden Sign

I used Dollar Tree Wall Stickers 

Grateful Sticker on white painted board on a cake plate with fall plates around it

When I wanted to doll up a couple of thrift store cutting boards for Thanksgiving, I grabbed a wall sticker. 

I knew that my handwriting wasn't going to cut it, I don't have a fancy machine. This Dollar Tree grateful sign was the ideal solution.

Just stick, decoupage and go. That's my kind of craft.


Ordinarily, I'm not a huge fan of faux flowers, but when it comes to crafting, let's be honest, there is no substitute.

They have staying power, they're easy to work with and if you grab them at the Dollar Tree, they're cheap.

Dollar Tree Craft Floral Supplies in the aisle of the store

I've used these products for years and side by side, it's difficult, if not impossible, to tell them apart from the ones I've purchased at craft stores.

I love the way they always have a great variety that changes with the seasons, so I can keep my looks current and that I can buy foam supplies, wreath forms, ribbon and picks there too.

One stop shopping is the name of my game.

Hello Fan Blade Sign

I have a habit of pulling old ceiling fans out of the trash. I paint them and decorate them for every season. 

This was the first time I embellished them with flowers and I have to say, it just might be my favorite. 

Clean, sweet, cheerful and welcoming. And so easy.

Fan Blade Hello Sign with yellow flowers

Apple Candle Ring

Nothing's warmer than candlelight on a chilly fall evening. So I decided to embellish my old hurricane with a homemade apple ring.

Grab a few picks, glue them to a wreath frame and place your glass and candle inside. 

Very cozy and budget friendly. I love that. 

Apple ring around candle and glass hurricane on table in living room


Every year there is some variation of the Royal Norfolk Fall Themed Plates.

They have an entire selection including blows, mugs and platters.

So now we're back to those plates again. You know the ones I mentioned before?

The are part of the Royal Norfolk Fall Themed Pumpkin collection.
Royal Norfolk Fall Themed Pumpkin Plates

Plates, bowls, mugs...they even have coordinating orange pieces to spice it up a bit. Get it...spice? Sorry.

I mean seriously how pretty would your fall or Thanksgiving table look with these pretties peppered about??

And when you consider the price of an entire service for twelve that can be delivered to your store or your house? Like I said before.

Mind blowing.

But wait, it's not just these lovely fall plates that I consider must haves, it's the rest of their Norfolk collection.

I have several friends who use the plain white or red dishes as their main set and adore them. The next time I'm in the market, these babies have my name written all over them.

Red Norfolk Dishes From Dollar Tree

I know you're shocked.

Red and about a dollar each?

I mean come on.

They practically have my name printed on them.


What's got your name on it?

Happy Fall Decorating, Friends!
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  1. Gotta love the Dollar Tree. I agree you can find some great things and some are better than high end stores. I am working on some fall decor and am going there today. Happy new week. xoxo. Kris

    1. Sounds like a fun day, Kris! I miss shopping in real stores. I might venture out today to the fabric store fabric addition can only be quelled for so long!! Ha! Have fun!! xo

  2. So many pretty ideas Kim. I especially love the one with the apple base.

    1. Thanks Mary! There's quite a chill in the air today. I have to dig that one out of the bin and get cozy!

  3. Wonderful ideas for fall. The Dollar store is great. So many great finds. Gotta love the fall plates.

    1. Aren’t they pretty, Linda! And they’re a buck each? Crazy, I paid $30 for my 4 small Pottery Barn plates a few years ago.

  4. I haven't been to Dollar Tree, in our area we have another name dollar store and it's not as good.

    Awesome finds and love the update to your splatter screen.


    1. We have a few different dollar stores here, too, Cindy, but yes DT is the best. I haven't been in a store for months, which is a bummer, but I'm about ready to order an entire case of the foam pumpkins online! It will be pumpkin palooza at my house this fall!! Hahaha!

  5. I LOVE the Dollar Tree store Kim! It is great for seasonal DIY projects and decorations. I have found some really cute items there. Unfortunately, the store that was close to me closed down. The other one is about a half drive away, so I don't get to go there too often anymore. I miss DT! :(

    1. Thanks Julie! For some reason, in my area they just opened two more!! They must be very popular around here. Unfortunately, I haven't been to any stores in a really long time. Luckily, I still have a pretty big leftover stash of DT items to get my through the season...and there is always online shopping...which could be dangerous!!

  6. Oh boy, my head is really getting an overload on all these great ideas, pinned some, thanks you are the best, have a great day!!

    1. Haha! There are a lot of them Marlene! I love crafting in fall...something about the colors just motivates me. Glad you like them! And thank you always for the super sweet comments. ❤️

  7. Hi Kim: I always love all the crafts that you do and I am still wanting to make the apple wreath. I have a pillow and a bowl of apples and the wreath would just finish it off. I picked up some pumpkin plates last year at Target. Think I paid 6 or 8 $ apiece and not as cute as yours. I went online to see about those red plates but they are on back order. On line shopping seems to be not too fruitful this year..Guess I will have to bite the bullet and show up in person..Stay well..xxoJudy

    1. Hi Judy!
      I think so many people are shopping online, that everything is either sold out or backordered. It’s frustrating. I was able to order two curtain panels online and I love them, but now I have to go find two more to match! I think it might be a wild goose chase. Oh boy…I hope you’re having a cozy week in your sweet cottage. xo

  8. I am soooo envious! Our $ Tree store is terrible. I see all these blogs and youtube videos where people find the greatest things at their $ Tree, then I go to mine and...NOPE! We are a small rural town, but hey! We like to get cute stuff for a bargain too!!! There is one about 30 mi. away in a bigger town and it does have more but it's not great either. I love your HARVEST wreath thingy. I know I could order stuff online but looks like you have to order a whole bunch of the same thing and I don't usually need that many. Anyway....(after all my griping)...your decorations look great:)

    1. Yes, Cheri, I agree...and my store is usually sold out of things, so to order would be so great. However, I rarely need 30 of anything!! Well, except chocolate chip cookies!!

  9. The Dollar Tree sure has stepped-up there game over the years. My problem is getting there before everything is sold-out!

    1. I hear you loud and clear! That’s my problem too…

  10. Thanks for sharing all of these! You've opened my mind to some possibilities. I love those red plates!

    1. I think we're in good company Mari! Those red plates seem to be a hot item!

  11. I do alot of snail mail & have found some really fun things for that at the Dollar Tree. I love their washi tape...a two pack for $1! It's crazy. They have some of the cutest patterns.

    I pulled out the metal words I bought last year.....after reading about them on your blog. I love them! The Harvest fits perfectly centered on my white stoneware rectangular harvest platter. And I centered the Thankful on the large round mirror over my faux mantel.

    I get so excited to decorate for fall. I spent some time today outside cutting grasses to decorate my front arbor & porch. I do need a few more pumpkins to finish the job.

    1. Oh, I'm so happy that my post triggered some fun decorating at your place, Jenny!! I have to go dig out my own's still in bins! Bad blogger! Hahaha.

  12. So many great fall decorating ideas here, Kim, and I think the platter screen wreath is not only gorgeous but brilliant with the napkin. This red loving gal is swooning over those red plates. Heading to our dollar tree to see if they have them.

  13. Hi Friend,
    Stopping in quick, we are working on a big project.. staining our home and changing the trim color. I hope to start decorating for Autumn next week. My white pumpkins are still growing in the garden. :-) They are getting bigger each day. I will harvest them next Wednesday. Love, Carla

    1. Wow…staining your house? That is a big job. I bet it will look fabulous with a few homegrown pumpkins on the front porch!

  14. This was a very fun post Kim, and I am so with you on the dollar store adventures. One just opened up here in our area, which is an incredible blessing to our community. It is so fun to just go in and browse, and see what they have new for each season. I love all the crafts you showcased. SO many fun things to repurpose into something new and wonderful! Many blessings to you :)

    1. Oh Marilyn! They are so much fun and yes, they are a blessing especially in these very difficult times. I miss going into one to peek around…Take care my friend!

  15. Lol....there exists a set of 12 of the "Gather" plates
    in far off Texas :-)
    I love them, and have been using them for the past month or so.
    Be careful with the red dishes, they chip pretty easily....I already checked them out....;^)
    Blessings, j

    1. Oh…I bet those Gather plates look great on your fall table! And thanks for the heads up about the red plates. I’m so disappointed with most plates lately. I had a set of Caleca Italian pottery when I was first married and they lasted for years. Then a set from Pottery Barn for another decade or more. The latest PB set is less than two years old and already chipped and discolored and a set of bowls from Pier 1 broke in a week…and they were all much more than $1 each. So frustrating!!

  16. Kim,
    I loved this post!!! I am excited to say that they are building a brand new Dollar Tree in the shopping center right next to our house...Yes. 5 minutes away!! I don't find a lot of things that I see on so many blogs in our Dollar Tree stores so I am hoping that this spanking new 12,000 square foot store will carry a lot more than the other ones by us do....Iy should be open in about a month and I can not wait!!

    1. Oh no, 5 minutes away? That could be a very dangerous proposition, Debbie! Hahaha! You'll have to let us know what you find!