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A Bootiful Designer Pumpkin For Fall

October 04, 2023

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Love it or hate it, Dollar Tree has some great supplies for fall decorating. All it takes is a little out of the box thinking and you can create lovely home decor pieces in minutes.

And they'll look like they cost much more than a dollar.

How To Decorate A Large Faux Pumpkin

Alright, I'm going to say it, and you probably won't believe it based on all my inexpensive craft posts lately.

But, I, the self proclaimed queen of cheap DIYs, used to be a Dollar Tree snob.

I was.

I really, truly disliked that store.

I shopped there only when forced to and I never considered it to be a place I would find supplies for the kind of elegant, high end looking home decor I was intent on making.

And I certainly didn't think of it as a legit craft store.

My, my how times have changed.

How I have changed.

I mean just look any one of the last few projects around here. If they're not made solely with Dollar Tree supplies, there are remnants of them in too many to count.

Clearly, I've become a huge fan. 

Now, when I walk through the doors, I go straight to the seasonal aisle, then I hit the arts and craft aisle and then I browse around to see what else I can find that might be useful in my creative pursuits.

Take this week, for example. My husband and I were driving by a Dollar Tree one evening and decided to stop in, just for a minute.

Halloween Sticker Stencil Kit

That's all I needed to spot these Halloween stencil stickers for pumpkins. I had to have them.

Of course, I'm not usually a pithy pumpkin saying kind of decorator...although I have been known to decorate like this before

And on face value, it's not the kind of decor that publications like Cottages and Bungalows would ever feature.

Plus, I'm not usually a big fan of decorating for Halloween

However. I thought that one of the sayings was adorable...and I had an idea.

Remember this pumpkin.

Large Faux White Pumpkin

It was one of pair I decided to keep and makeover rather than donate. The smaller one got a floral decoupage upgrade

This one was going to get lettered.

It was honestly about a 10 minute craft, but it's so charming, it looks like it took me much longer...and it looks hand painted.

But nope.

I just chose a saying from the package and peeled the letters away from the backing, carefully, because they are a thin vinyl material.

How To Use Stickers On Pumpkins

Then I placed them on the pumpkin.

A word of warning, some of the letters are in two pieces.

Adding Letters To A Pumpkin For Halloween

That made the peeling and placement a bit trickier, but it was easy enough to gently pull them away from the pumpkin to reposition them if necessary. (And, just between us, it was necessary!)

How To Decorate A Faux Pumpkin For Fall

When I was done I decided to add a few vinyl decal flowers with transparent backings <-- similar to these.

Vinyl Decal Floral Stickers

Again, I just peeled the blooms away from their backings and placed them on the pumpkin.

Decorating Pumpkins With Flowers

Round shapes are always a little tricky, so you might need to use the scissors to cut the vinyl in a few places so it sticks properly.

Cutting vinyl stickers so they sit flat

The lower portion of the pumpkin was flatter so no cutting was needed in that spot.

How To Decorate A Fall Pumpkin With Stickers

When I was satisfied with my pumpkin decorating, I set my eyes on the display. For that I grabbed a thrifted urn, some Dollar Tree beaded garland and moss.

How To Make A Halloween Pumpkin Display

Moss is expensive...and I try not to use a lot of it. Although it can be reused, since I didn't glue it, but it gets dusty sitting out.

Anyway, to mitigate having to use too much, I stuffed my urn with a large piece of my favorite crafting paper and set the moss on top of it.

Halloween Home Decor Decoration Idea

Then I placed the pumpkin inside and gently wrapped the garland around it.

When I was done, like I said, a mere 10 minutes later, I had one more elegantly decorated pumpkin to add to my collection.

One with a bit of whimsy and humor that can decorate my kitchen or my dinner table.

Hey Bootiful Pumpkin

And one that the old me would never have guessed was created with anything that came out of the dollar store.

Boy was I wrong.


Are you a Dollar Tree decorator?

Dollar Tree Pumpkin Decorating Ideas

Happy Crafting, Friends!
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  1. I love the pumpkin!!
    We have a Dollar General in our Village. I have decorated with some of the fun items they have in the store.

    1. I don't think I've ever been in a Dollar General, Carla. Now I'm going to google it to see if there's one nearby. Sounds like fun!!

  2. I really think the pumpkin was BOO T FUL !!

    1. Thanks so much! I just couldn't resist that sweet saying.

  3. Great job! I’m not sure I would have remained calm dealing with the letters! Lol! I’m a Dollar Tree convert too!

    1. Hi Pat! Thanks so much. I just couldn't resist those stickers. You know how I love an easy craft and there isn't one easier than this. xo

  4. Dollar Tree is a favorite haunt of mine.🎃 Your new pumpkin is super nice. I hope I can find that product at our local DT.

    1. Hi Cheryl! Thanks so much for popping over to take a peek at my pumpkin. I saw the stickers online and was going to include a link, but online you have have to boy them in a case and I though, gee, that's an awful lot of boo-tiful pumpkins!! Haha!!

  5. The Dollar Tree is awesome and now that they have 5 Below stuff even better. Love the pumpkin it came out so cute. Have a great rest of the week. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks so much, Kris! There’s a 5 Below a bit from here. I haven’t been in a very long time, but they do have some fun seasonal items. Thanks for the reminder. I should make the trip to see what they have for Christmas…which is coming up fast!! Enjoy the weekend!!

  6. That is the cutest! I really like the saying on it.
    I must admit that I'm a Dollar Tree snob. I think it's mostly because the one here in our town is a disaster. You never know when it's open and if you go in there, everything is a mess, boxes through the aisles.
    Maybe someday I'll be a convert.

    1. Thanks so much, Mari! I can relate to everything you just said. There was only one Dollar Tree in our area for a long time and it was truly awful. Then a tiny, quiet one opened up nearby and my whole opinion changed. It was so much more pleasant.

  7. Way to go, Kim!!!! I NEVER liked The Dollar Tree and I avoided it like the plague. However, I needed some cheap do-dads to add to something I was making and was driving by and I thought...Well, why not just see if there's anything? Holy Cow~. I was so surprised! Some of the stuff IS kinda junky but there are tons of things that are fun and cheap....if something doesn't work out---so what? How much did I lose---a $ or so? I, too, am a convert. The store closest to me is quite nice, clean and the people that work there are nice!

    1. Thanks so much, Diana! I’m a little smitten with my pumpkin. Crazy what you can do with a few stickers. I agree, that some of the stuff is junky, you have to be a bit discriminating, but like you said, some of the picks are lovely and for a $1.25 they’re worth the risk! 😉

  8. I have 2 dollar trees near me. One is a total mess and the other is polar opposite! So I drive a few miles more and go where I can find my heart desires! And that pumpkin is JUST TO CUTE FOR WORDS!

    1. That's exactly the way it is here too, Susan! One of them is an awful mess and the other is a sweet little, quiet store that feels like a neighborhood shop. I love that location...and thanks! I think I think this might be my favorite pumpkin yet!

  9. So cute! And yes - as a matter of fact, I will be headed to Dollar Tree today to pick up more of that Spanish moss and bop around looking at all of the Fall-y things!

    1. Thank you, Gina! Oh...I've never seen Spanish moss at my store. I'll have to check the next time I'm there. I'd love to get it for $1.25! Thanks for the tip and have fun shopping.

  10. Kim, you know I LOVE the DT store! You decorated the pumpkin so nice and a great job with the letters.
    Julie’s Creative Lifestyle

    1. Thanks Julie! I really do like poking around there. I'm excited to see what they have for Christmas...and what I can whip up with them. Happy Weekend!

  11. Your pumpkin is AMAZING, Kim! I love dollar tree crafts!!
    I’d love for you to join us over at the Creative Crafts Linky Party every Wednesday through Sunday
    Followed and Pinned!
    Creatively, Beth

    1. Thanks! I just joined!! Looks like a fun party.

  12. Kim,
    Pretty and perfect for your decor!! Thanks for sharing!!

  13. Sadly we don't have a Dollar Tree here in South Africa. I think the closest would be Crazy Store (maybe?) but they don't have a huge selection of craft stuff and their decor bits are a bit mheh. Love how your bootiful pumpkin turned out, BTW.