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Drama In The Family Room

November 21, 2020

Wine Gimp Trim

Ah the risk of sounding redundant, I'm back today with another curtain makeover.

Are you tired of them yet?

There have been quite a few of them lately, I know.

Growing up, my mom always changed her drapes out with the seasons. It was a normal ritual.

However, outside the world of blogging, it's not something I regularly see anymore.

Honestly, in most of my friends' homes, once the curtains are up, they're up. And for a good long time.

But being decor obsessed, I do tend to change things up a little more than the average bear.

The kitchen comes immediately to mind.

Although, I haven't changed my bedroom curtains since I bought them almost two decades ago. And before the recent update, the living curtains were original, as well.

They were simple red valances I picked out of the clearance bin and embellished with some beaded glass trim.

Which is exactly what I did this week in the family room.

But let's start at the beginning of the story, shall we?

It all started with those new kitchen curtains. Once they were done, I turned my attention to the cabinets above my desk and finally I added a cute fireplace to the room.

Red Buffalo Plaid Fabric On Cabinets

Perfect, right?

Well, not quite.

You see, this cottage is small and one room bleeds seamlessly into another. Big changes to the decor in one room really does affect all the others.

It's why it would be very difficult for me to have a red kitchen and...let's say...a blue family room. They're too close.

It would be very awkward.

So, while I was sitting at my desk one evening, surrounded by yards deliciously decadent red and cream buffalo check and a red flame "burning" in its deep cherry wood case, I peeked into the family room and it just felt wrong.

Cottage Style Family Room with floral couch

Too springy.

With those light linen valances, it felt more fresh than cozy.


That wouldn't do at all.

Unfortunately, unnecessary trips to the store were off the table and I wasn't interested in curtain shopping online after my last experience. 

No thank you.

I had to get creative.

Thankfully, when it comes to fabric, I have a teeny tiny hoarding problem, so I never tossed the original, old red gingham curtains that were in that room when the kids were small.

Family Room  With Floral Couch

Once I did manage to dig them out of the closet, I could see that they were a little faded. Not ideal.

They were also a little boring. A been there, done that kind of thing.

They needed some jazz. 

Red Gingham Curtains Panels

From my craft closet, I dug out the remnants of the red ball fringe I had added to the living curtains and a spool of red wine gimp I had purchased this summer when I was trying to decide what to do in the kitchen.

I pinned both trims on the valances and settled on the gimp.

Adding Ball Fringe Or Gimp To Valance

A - because I had a lot of ball fringe in the house already...and B - because I had all the yardage of gimp necessary on hand and nowhere else to use it.

With the decision made, I ironed the panels and then stitched that trim on.

Once they were up, the room warmed up nicely. I didn't notice the fading at all.

And my family room became a whole lot more interesting.

Cottage Style Family Room With Gingham Valances

Of course, I did steal a few pillows from other rooms in the house.

And I may have purchased these new buffalo check covers, too.

They're way easier to buy online than curtains!

Oh and I put my apple candle ring back in the room. 'Tis the season.

Hurricane Candle In Apple Candle Ring

My view from the kitchen also improved dramatically.

Everything flowed and the pop of the kitchen decor carried right on over into the den.


Red Kitchen And Family Room Decor

And that's my latest curtain tale.

Another complete room update with a simple swap. 

Now, I wish I could tell you it was my last, but I do have one more to share.

It's a Christmas curtain story though. 

And everyone loves Christmas stories, right?

Even if they are about curtains.

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  1. They look fabulous - lol! The gimp really took it up a notch!

    1. Thanks Sara! I really like the detail, too...

  2. Yes, the change makes the room look cozier. It looks great!

    1. Thank you, Briana! I agree, especially since the trees are bare now...

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks Penny! I’m getting cozy in here right now.

  4. Great solution loving the look. The trim gave them a quick update.

    We live in a semi open floor plan so I get it.


    1. Thanks Cindy! The plan earlier this year was to replace the torn sofa and fully update the room….but, well, the plan sort of fell apart in March. This was a quick and easy solution in the meantime…have a great weekend!

  5. Ugh, I understand the "open" problem!! From our entrance door, you are treated to a plain view of den, kitchen, living and dining room. Sometimes it makes me crazy, particularly since I REALLY like for things to match.....or at least, blend!!! You are doing such a good job!!

    1. Thanks J! You just made my day. ❤️It’s a balancing act with these floor plans, isn’t it? Our old house was completely wide open so when we moved here I was excited to have a living room with a proper (very small) entrance. It was at least sort of separated. Of course, we don’t use that door…no one does. Everyone comes in the kitchen which is open to everything. Enjoy the weekend! Blessings to you…

  6. The trim is perfect and gave them a fun look. So cute. Have a great weekend. xoxo Kris

    1. Thanks so much, Kris! It was cheap and easy. My favorites. xo

  7. I have a friend who changes out curtains with the season and we tease her about it. However, it's to make ourselves feel better because we are too lazy! :)
    I love what you did with these. I think I need you to pop over to my house, because my curtains need some sprucing up!

    1. It's so funny, Mari, my mom used to do it to all the rooms, winter and spring. I remember a lot of the ladies in the neighborhood doing it, too. I think then it was for heating purposes. Now it's all about decor for me...and I wish we lived close enough for me to pop over. I'd love to attend one of the crafting parties you have with your grands. They look like such fun!

  8. I really like this cozy look for the cold months!

    1. Thanks Melanie. The colors warm up the room, without blocking the light…I just need as much of that as I can get after those clocks change. It gets so dark, so early. Ick.

  9. Kim I forgot about the sofa! I remember you did a post about that. You really have pulled the room together beautifully. Love the apple ring and the cozy throws. It all works!

    1. Thank you so much, Susan! I love that couch. We have thought about replacing it before, but nothing comes close in comfort or style. They just don't make floral sofas anymore...

  10. Totally Lovely...I think that is a wonderful idea to change the curtains. We may redo our living room this winter, if I ever find a couch that fits in our small room. Then it will be dominos...rug, walls, curtains and who knows what else. Love the simplicity of your windows to let all the light in! Hugs, Sandi

    1. Thank you, Sandi! Oh and I totally get the domino effect. It's been going on here for over a year now. And it all started with the idea that we needed to replace one bathtub. How it necessitated an entire house makeover, is still vexing!

  11. You always have the perfect solution to what you don't exactly love about your house or what you want to do. I love these curtains and they are a great update. Kudos to you!


  12. That one little addition gave those valances a whole new life. You really are 'The Window Dresser'!

    1. Thank you, Ann. I'm blushing over here. ☺️

  13. I like it. :-) And I am excited to hear about the Christmas curtains.
    I love that lamp on the table in the corner. It really makes everything cozy.

    1. Thanks Carla! Oh those Christmas curtains...I wasn't going to change anymore curtains in the house...but...😉

  14. Kim, I love the addition of the trim on the curtains. I really is funny how such a little thing can make such a big difference. Love the view from your kitchen in the den. You know I love that red wall..Stay well..xxoJudy

    1. Thanks Judy! I’m such a creature of habit. I really do like to change things up, just not too much. Try as I might, nothing seems to make me smile the way that red does. Glad I’m not alone! Stay safe my friend. xo

  15. I love the pretty curtains and trim. It's so nice that you can sew new curtains and change them out with the seasons. You are so talented with everything related to home Kim.

    1. Thanks Julie! I'm glad I learned how to sew, it's really come in handy over the past few years. The more I do it, the more I seem to enjoy it.


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