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Dollar Tree Faux Metal Tile Summer Craft

May 20, 2023

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Sometimes when I find a food I love, I binge on it for weeks at a time.

There's something about it that tastes so good, I become a little obsessed and add it to my menu reguarly.

Like chocolate covered blueberries, homemade chicken soup or French toast.

Dollar Tree  Summer  Faux Tin Tile  Craft

Then almost as unpredictably as it started, my fascination disappears and I move on to some other delicious obsession.

I find that I craft in a very similar way.

Pom pom trim anyone?

I have that classic cottage ball fringe everywhere, like on:
See. Obsessed. 😉

Well, I think I may be heading down that same path of infatuation with those Dollar Tree faux tin tiles you see everywhere.

When I first saw them, out in the wild, I was like, eh...cute, but I don't really get the fuss.

Then I used one to make an absolutely darling, tile covered wooden bunny wreath for my Easter front door and I fell hook line and sinker for those silly raised pieces of plastic.

I even went back to the store and forked over $1.25, many times over, to ensure I had a plentiful stash.

You know, so I could snack, I mean craft, all year long.

What's up first? Why another wreath of course.

I mean, it's still technically spring and while that cotton candy colored bunny looked slightly outdated on my front door, the tulip wreath was still appropriate.

So, I hit the Dollar Tree again, found myself a giant wooden flower shape to add to it and tuck that bunny away for a little seasonal nap.

The process to make this version is exactly the same the bunny, but in case you missed that DIY here we go again.

Crafting With Dollar Tree Faux Metal Tin Ceiling Tiles

Dollar Tree Wooden Flower

As I said, I started with a big wooden flower cut out (similar to this one).

The rest of the supplies are simple, too.

When crafting with these stick tiles, I recommend using something with a larger surface area, because you'll be able to see more of the tile pattern.

Next up, I opened my tile up, placed it face down on my table and traced the flower shape onto the plastic backing with a pen.

Tracing Wooden Flower To Make A Summer Wreath

The backing is slick, so pencil isn't going to show up and depending on which type you use, markers may bleed.

Using A Dollar Tree Faux Tin Tile In Summer in the shape of a flower

Once I had my pattern, I just cut it out.

Cutting A Faux Tin Ceiling Tile

When I did this, that white sticky paper fell away, so I needed to use glue to make the tile stick to the wood.

Faux Tin Tile Summer Craft Idea From Dollar Tree

I found that Aleene's Tacky glue worked best.

It definitely lives up to its name, so be ready to use a little bit of muscle to get it to spread around evenly.

But trust me, it sticks.

Using Aleens Tacky Glue on Wood

That bunny didn't budge an inch and it was on my uncovered front door for more than two months.

In the wind, rain, sleet and even a bit of snow. Poor cold little bunny.

Spring wasn't very kind to him.

I hope my flower has an easier time out there.

I used a brush to cover it with the glue, making sure to get every last inch of the wood.

Using A Brush To Spread Tacky Glue

Then I pressed the tin tile onto the wooden flower shape to make it stick.

Patterned Wooden Flower Craft with a Dollar store Faux ceiling tile

While I was waiting for everything to set up, I noticed that it wasn't just the glue that held up to the outdoor elements.

The paint didn't chip, fade or peel either.

That bunny was as bright and pink as it was the day I hung him up on the front door, so I decided to use the same Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint.

Dollar Tree Faux Tin Tile Seasonal Crafts Ideas including a flower and bunny wreath

In Plum Crazy.

I know, I know, it's not my signature red paint, but it's a delicious berry color that pops against those white tulips and my black front door.

Dixie Belle Plum Crazy Chalk Paint

Perfect for spring and even summer.

I used a brush to apply two coats, letting the first one dry thoroughly before adding the second.

Painting A Dollar Tree Faux Tin Stick Tile

When I was done, I popped that bright, patterned flower into the center of the wreath, using its rope hanger to anchor it around the tulips.

I left the original bow on the wreath, since it was still in great shape and I never see a need to fix what isn't broken.

Dollar Tree Spring and Summer Wreath Craft

That meant round two with this wreath and another tin tile was on my door in less than 30 minutes.

Showcasing more of that vintage charm that fit my 1920's cottage so well.

Inexpensive, quick and easy to make, leaving me plenty of time to get back to those chocolate covered blueberries.

Of course, I still have several more of these tiles in my craft closet.

But for now, I think I'm full.

Tin tiled out.

At least until fall.


Are you a tin tile crafting fan?

Dollar Tree  Faux Metal Ceiling Tile Summer Craft

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Gorgeous wreath! I love that Aleene's glue; I just tried it for the first time on a project and it was brilliant. Just like food obsessions, I'll be binging on using that glue to see what else it can do lol.

    1. I was late to the Aleene's party, too, but now I'm hooked. I really like hot glue guns, but this stuff is great for projects like this.

  2. Oh! I love it! The wreath is beautiful. I had to laugh because I am the SAME WAY with foods. I get obsessed with something and then I will eat it for weeks and then, all of a sudden, I don't want any more of it...especially aggravating if I have it in the house and it needs to be used up. I was on a Dole Sunflower Seed Salad kick for weeks...lunch every day....I have a bag left now that I HAVE TO eat so I don't have to throw it out. lol.
    Just so you know-I am NOT buying any pompoms. lol. xo xo xo Diana

    1. Haha!! I don't blame you, Diana, I can only imagine what kind of fun Scruffy could have with pom poms. 🤣🤣

  3. I'm the same way with foods - I think it makes Bob crazy sometimes! :)
    That wreath is just gorgeous! I love those tin tiles, but you brought it up a notch - or maybe 10! I need to start crafting more, but I need more time.

    1. Thanks Mari! I had fun with the tiles and I agree, more time for crafting would be lovely. Trust me, I’m always crafting in between things. One of these days I’m going to block out a weekend and just craft nonstop!! I hope you’re enjoying the weekend!

  4. Very pretty, Kim - love that color! As for Aleenes's Tacky Glue? I've been using it for years - it's the best!

    1. Thanks Ann! You know, I've always seen Aleene's on the shelf, but I was such a devoted hot glue gun girl, that I just walked right by. Now that I have it, I'm finding all sorts of fun uses. Live and learn! Haha!!

  5. I get on kicks with food too. I want something for several days in a row and then nothing lol! Love the wreath it looks pretty on your black door. Have a great weekend. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks Kris! It's a fun pop...and speaking of, that's my latest obsession, those summertime cut the top off pops. Yum!! Here's to a fun long weekend! xo

  6. Kim, you did a great job adding the cute flower to your wreath. It's perfect for spring and summer. I love and miss the Dollar Tree store!

    1. It’s such a bummer you don’t have one nearby anymore, Julie. Maybe it’s a good thing, all those $1s add up!! I hope you’re enjoying the long weekend!

  7. The flower turns out so cute! I have seen these so many times at my Dollar Tree but I have never bought them!! I need to for sure now since you’ve shown how to make them extra adorable!

    1. Thanks Stephanie!! Same here. I'd seen them everywhere, I just had to give them a try.

  8. Your wreath is just stunning on your black door, Kim! The tile craft is so cute. I guess I’m behind the times and haven’t seen those faux tiles and the Dollar Tree I’m going to be on the lookout ❤️

    1. Kitty, I must’ve walked past them a million times, then I saw them all over blogs and finally took notice. Now I’m hooked!

  9. Kim,
    what a cute idea!! Love the way it looks on the wreath!! So charming!! I have a roll of Anaglypta wall paper that is very similar looking so you have given me some inspiration on how to use it!!!Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for all your visits and your very kind words!!! I hope you are having a great week!!

    1. So funny you mentioned the Anaglypta paper, that’s what these tiles remind me of when painted. I bet you could come up with something super cute with it. I have a bunch of it leftover, too. I used some of it on a piece of furniture and a wooden tray, but I’m always been trying to come up with other uses.