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A Little Saturday Morning Chat In June

June 03, 2023

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Happy June, Friends!

Ah...warm weather, sunshine, summertime on the horizon. 

I'm so excited.

Boats On The Harbor In Summer

This week, I spent a lot of time on the beach and walking along the waterfront...drooling at the boats. We don't have one anymore and boy do I miss being out on the sound.

I'm a huge fan of having my toes in the sand, but there's something about being surrounded by water that is so freeing and relaxing. 

I miss feeling the swell of the ocean under my feet.

Lately, I find myself chilling on the floating docks, day and night, just to experience a little bit of that motion.

Sunset on the Bay

To see the minnows, sway with the tide and escape the bounds of land.

It's a lot less expensive than a boat. And a lot less work, too.

In other news, I've been working on a few more decorating details to complete all the projects we started last spring.

The family room is still not finished. I just can't seem to find the right accent pieces to complete the room.

Samsung TV On Wooden Armoire

For example, I'm not sure about our new TV. It's a big element in the room and I'm wondering if I should have purchased one of these instead.

Thoughts? Anyone have one? I'd love to know.

Speaking of TV, anyone out there watch Outlander?

Outlander Returns

I was late to the game, but now I'm hooked. I've even read book one and I'm so excited for this next season. Who's with me?

This week, we made some changes to the windows in the family room. didn't go exactly as planned. It should've been a very simple project. Unfortunately even the most experienced DIYers can make mistakes. Big ones.

That tale is coming to you soon. 

I did have success in the kitchen though.

Those silly little, smile inducing pom poms, that I added to my red checked curtains, have prompted a lot of changes in that room, including a cushion for my wooden bench.

Upholstering A Wooden Bench

And it's very sweet.

If you follow me on Instagram, you caught a glimpse of it.

Also, for the first time in about two years, I walked into a HomeGoods and I bought a new shower curtain that I can't wait to hang up in the hallway bathroom. 

I've been so enchanted by thrift store decor lately that actual retail shopping had fallen off my radar. I can't say I was overly impressed by the stock, but the shower curtains was too pretty to pass up.

In other news, I attended a book signing at a local shop, for a friend who wrote a book. I listened intently as the author read from a chapter, ate good food, caught up with friends and won a raffle.

The Gospel According To Maggie By Deborah Globus

All in all, a very fun evening.

I shared the book before, The Gospel According To Maggie. It's a YA novel, but one I think can be enjoyed at any age. 

I cracked it open this week at the beach and I'm hooked. You can check it out here if you want to peek.

My girls' song was also released on the same night as the book signing.

"Stardust" by Kelly & Kat.

Stardust Video Poster By Kelly & Kat

I know I'm their mom, but it's such a beautiful song and one I find myself singing along to around the house.

Yesterday, a friend told me that she was driving her convertible, listening to the song on country road and I honestly welled up thinking about it. The fact that it brought others joy.

That's the whole point of their artistry. 

The reviews have been wonderful, I was blown away by this one, they were on a podcast discussing their journey, and this week their video is being released. To say I'm a proud mama would be a giant understatement.

As for mama, what was I up to on the blog in May? Well, let's see:

Red, Yellow and Green Geranium Prints
And lastly, but certainly not least, how we installed the carpet squares in our basement after the flood.

There were lots of people asking about that DIY, so I'm glad I was finally able to share the process and answer a bunch of questions.

Hopefully, none of you are ever in that position, but they really are a lovely option.

Even without a flood. Especially without a flood.

Well, I think that's all the news I've got to share.

Tortilla Crusted Quiche

I'm sure there's more, like the yummy chicken crusted pizza, tortilla crusted quiche and the fruit topped sugar cookies we enjoyed in May, but I'm sure you have other things to get to on this lovely, almost summer Saturday morning.

Fruit Topped Sugar Cookies

So I'll save them for another day.

In the meantime, I'm headed to the docks again.

I feel the need to float.

And maybe talk that husband of mine into a boat ride.

Afterall, we do still have the dinghy! 


What are you looking forward to in June? Do tell!

Happy June!!
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  1. If you must go on a boat ride rent for a day. My husband owns a boat and it is more bother than its worth in my opinion. The upkeep is ridiculous. Congratulations to your sweet girls, they have angelic voices.

    1. Thank you, Mary. I agree, they really do...and yes, we have been discussing renting one for the day. I remember all the work and since my guy is a dedicated DIYer, there was a lot of it!! Thanks for the tip!!

  2. Best time of year to be near the water and beaches and then have the pool too. Yay for warm weather. I am so excited for your girls and I am going to listen to this song. Also how great for your friend and her new book. Lot's of celebrities around you. Have a great weekend. Hugs. Kris

    1. The warm weather is the best, Kris, I agree! It was almost 90 here yesterday and it was glorious. Today it's back in the 60s and cloudy. It's ok, it's a good day for hanging out inside reading books and listening to music from my local celebrities!! Ha!! Enjoy!!

  3. I'm so happy for your daughters. About the dingy ride. I can't ride across the Pontchertrain lake with out keeping my eyes closed, I don't want to ride in a dingy in the open you have fun. love your blog.

    1. Thank you so much! It's been fun to watch them on this musical ride. As for the boat ride, oh yes, I'm with you, on the open water, I need more than that bathtub of a boat to feel safe!! Haha...and thank you for your sweet comment. You just made my day!! Enjoy your weekend!!

  4. Kim, this is a beautiful time of year and it's not too hot out and it's perfect for walks on the beach. I hope you have a wonderful summer and how exciting for your girls. Happy June.

    1. Thanks Julie...I agree it is the perfect time of year to enjoy the outdoors in our lovely area!! Happy June!!

  5. Your beautiful daughters have a catchy little tune there. Due to sensory issues, I rarely listen to music. But I listened to them and I've been humming that song for hours. Tell them you have to be pretty damned good to get my attention. And they have it.

    1. Brenda, thank you for that amazing compliment. I just shared it with the girls and they were blown away and asked me to please pass on their heartfelt thanks!! ❤️

  6. What a wonderful place to live- especially at this time of the year. Congrats to the girls - you know musicians have a special place in my heart!

    1. Thanks Ann, it really is a lovely place in summer.'s usually covered in dirty snow. 😉 As for musicians, I think we share that soft spot! Hopefully, one day I'll get a chance to hear your musician play.

  7. So excited for your daughters' success! Re the TV, does it have a USB port? We've put pictures of the garden onto ours through a USB stick and run them when we don't want to look at a black hole lol.

    How lovely to be so close to the beach the you have have your toes in the sand at a whim! Living vicariously through you lol. The only thing we have planned in June is a boring 'ol window and patio door replacement (but only if on 'schedule'). Replacing the patio door will mean I have direct access to enjoy the garden without having to go around the house so really looking forward to that!

    1. Thanks so much!! We are excited about the response to the music. We do have a USB port, and I've hear about people buying art. Maybe we'll try that. The side of the room with the TV is so boring right now. A little art might be a the best way to doll it up. Enjoy your June DIY! Our old cottage didn't have a back door and we were thrilled once we added one to the garden. It made such a difference!

  8. Like you, I am drawn to water and love being near it. It makes me feel much more peaceful. I wish I lived closer to Lake Michigan (the closest big body of water to me) ~ it's an hour drive. At least I live just 1/2 mile away from a neighborhood lake - I like taking my walks to and from there.

    Is your TV in your basement family room? If so, I wouldn't worry about it being so visible. Our TV is in our main floor living room. I'm not crazy about it being in here and we've talked about moving it to our basement family room, but we're never down there. That space was used when our boys had friends over. Anyway, I think those TVs that look like a piece of art are cool, but it also depends on how much money you want to spend on a TV (they're expensive!) and if you want a TV mounted on the wall. (We don't.)

    Congratulations to your girls on the release of their new song!

    1. Thanks Melanie! We really love the new songs, this first one is so pretty, we're glad it's getting so much favorable attention.

      Water feeds my soul, too. I always tell my husband that I could never move away from it. We literally see it every day, driving in and out of the neighborhood, over our little bridge or down at the beach...and I never, ever take the view for granted.

      As far as that TV goes, it's in our upstairs family room. We don't have one in the living room or our bedroom, but we do have another one in the basement family room. That one is mounted on the wall. This one is in the pretty wallpapered room and it just feels like a black hole sometimes. Others have said that you can buy artwork for it, but I don't know if you have to keep the tv on all the time for it to show up and that seems like a lot of wasted electricity to me if that's the think I'll be sticking with what we've got!

  9. Congrats on your daughter's success! How exciting. Relaxing around our pool is so soothing to me. The beach is lovely too. We enjoyed out Kauai trip .As for the tv, we have a pop-up tv in our bedroom. It is hidden away in a lovely cabinet when we aren't watching tv. Happy summer.

    1. Thank you so much, Linda! It's been very exciting around here. Your tv sounds very cool. I've seen those before and I love how they're hidden away until you want to watch. To me, that's the ideal way to go, luck you!!

  10. It's a lovely time of year to be by the water, always so relaxing.
    Many congratulations to your girls, you must be very proud.

    Enjoy your June days, here in the UK we are enjoying some lovely sunshine.

    All the best Jan

    1. Thanks so much, Jan! I really do enjoy the beach and summer is the best for sure.

  11. Hi, I am a water loving girl too. We plan to go kayaking Saturday. :-)
    Even though I have never met your girls in person... I have watched them grow up on the blog. I am so proud of them and for never giving up on their dreams.
    And I am proud of you and your husband... for raising young women who strive to work hard to get to where they want to go and never stop believing.
    Love, Carla

    1. Thank you, Carla. Those are some very lovely words and you just made my day. I have to say, music is not an easy industry and I'm proud of the way they've handled themselves. I hope you have a lovely time on the's really is the best place to be!!

  12. You have so much going on, Kim! Books, music, good food, the beach and home decor - these are a few of my favorite things :-)

    1. There is a lot going on Amalia! Summer brings a lot of fun!! xo

  13. It was nice to catch up with you, Kim, but I’m anxious to go listen to your girls’ song. I know your heart must be swelling with pride!
    As for Outlander, I read the books years ago, but I can’t watch the series.
    Enjoy your summer! I’m off to listen…

    1. Thanks Kitty! We are very proud parents over here, that's for sure! I'm curious about Outlander, did you like the books?

  14. That cushion on the wooden bench looks comfy.

    1. Thanks so much! It's still in process. Summertime weather shows up and all indoor DIYs come to a screeching halt! Haha!!

  15. We bought a Frame TV in order to save our marriage, LOL....

    Seriously, TVs are here to stay. The layout of our family room means that the only place for a TV is over our mantel. I want art above the mantel. So the Frame TV is definitely a compromise. We enjoy the art that we can download onto the TV when not viewing. I can also upload my own art, too. We did not purchase any of the frame upgrades because we didn't feel it necessary, but boy there sure are a LOT of pretty frames. I can send you photos of ours if you like.

    1. Thanks Ricki Jill! We don’t have a tv in the living room…which is probably why we don’t sit in there very often…haha! However, we do have two big ones in the family rooms. Downstairs I don’t mind it on the wall. Upstairs in my den, it’s just a big black hole. I’d love to see a photo of yours. I think it might be neat to have a prettier view when the TV is off, since the floral wallpaper is behind me!!

  16. Kim,
    How exciting about your daughter's song release!! WOW!!
    I truly do hate the type of TV's that are out now...Always looks like such a black hole...I would not allow Joe to get one until he found a cabinet to put it in to help hide the proverbial Black Hole...And he did!! Yes, it is a fairly big piece of furniture but it does disguise what I think is a totally ugly necessity...LOL!!

    1. Thanks so much, Deb! It's a big moment for them...and us...and good for you with that tv. I think the frames are pretty, but hidden is best!!