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Decorating With Halloween Transfers

October 31, 2023

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Add a little holiday flair to your Halloween table with rub on transfers.

They're a quick, easy and crafty way to decorate glasses, cups, candle holders and more.

Halloween Glasses DIY

Happy Halloween Friends!

Now I know that traditionally the holiday season doesn't really include Halloween, but frankly, I think it should.

I mean there are decorations to make, outfits to plan, trinkets and candy to buy.

And tons of party prep.

I don't know about you, but that sounds like "the holidays" to me.

So. While this may not be my favorite day of the year, it doesn't mean that I totally ignore it. I'm not grinch.

We actually get pretty festive around here. Our streets are always packed with trick or treaters, hay rides and friends who pop in to say hello.

And since it is a holiday, we're always prepared to share a little cheer with them...and we hand it out in fun glasses.

Glasses, that this year, I decided to decorate with some more dollar store stickers.

Halloween Rub On Transfer Stickers

You may remember that I've shared these before.

I've used them to make Thanksgiving glasses, Valentine glasses and candles.

If you've never used them before, you don't know what you're missing. Seriously, it's the simplest DIY, the decals are only about a buck and all you do is peel and press.

If you want a longer explanation, here you go.

How To Use Rub On Transfers On Glass

Let's start with the wine glass, shall we?

First things first, I made sure they were all clean and totally dry.

Then I opened the package and gently removed the transfer.

Using Rub On Transfer Stickers

They come with a sheer piece of plastic covering the back of the design, since it's sticky. The plastic protects the transfer, until you're ready to place it on your surface.

All I did was peel it away, carefully, so none of the transfer came off on it.

Peeling Backing Away From Glass Transfers

Then I centered the words on my stemless wine glass and pressed it into place.

I used my finger and sometimes my nail to apply pressure to the design. That transferred the picture from the sheet onto the glass. It was a very simple process and very quick.

Applying Transfers To Glass

It was much easier than using vinyl furniture transfers. They require a lot more effort and pressure. 

I just had to make sure the entire pattern was sticking to the glass, which wasn't difficult. I could clearly see the parts that weren't, since they remained very colorful.

In those areas, I just reapplied pressure until they released from the plastic.

And 30 seconds later, instant fabulous.

Halloween Wine Glasses DIY

When the glass was done, I moved onto a votive holder, made from an old thrift store fishbowl.

Don't tell the others, but this one is my favorite. 😉

Happy Halloween Press On Transfers

The process was exactly the same. Again, I cleaned the glass, I removed the transfer from the package and peeled the backing away.

How To Use Transfers On Glass

Then I centered the picture on the glass and stuck it down.

Once again, I used my finger to transfer the Halloween design, however, this time the two bats didn't release. I didn't realize that until after I fully removed the paper.

It worked out ok though, I stuck them back onto the glass in another spot and transferred them in place.

Placing Transfers On Glass

Easy peasy.

Since I was using my favorite new battery operated votives, so there are no actual flames, I decided to put a little bit of neutral raffia inside the bowl around the votive.

Brown Raffia

It added some visual weight to my creation and camouflaged most of the candle, giving it a warm hug, if you will.

Happy Halloween DIY Votive Holder

It also helped the design stand out more than it would've on its own.

Now my table looks cheery.

Ready for guests.

Halloween DIY Table Setting Ideas

As we begin to ring in the holidays.

Because let's face it, whether you count Halloween or not, starting tomorrow everyone will be putting up their Christmas trees.


Happy Halloween!

Make Halloween Wine Glasses In Minutes

What do you think? Do the holidays start today?

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  1. These came out so darling! I love your ideas!! - Briana from Texas

    1. Thanks Briana!! I really love the little votive holder. I many have to make one for Thanksgiving and Christmas...and quick!

  2. Really a cute idea. A few more hours and it's all over until next year! Crazy, huh? I love those little votives I got (after I saw them on your blog). I have them set on a timer and they come on at dark every night and "burn' until 10 pm. I also got the tapers from that same company. My SIL, retired fire chief, did a double take on the tapers that were sitting in an alcove. He was ready to scold me before he figured out they were fake...they look that real from a distance.

    Happy Halloween. xo Diana

    1. Diana, I’m so glad you love the votives. They're my new favorites. I have to say I’ve been smitten with the faux flames for a long time. My sister’s house went on fire on Christmas Day after she blew out a votive on her mantel and left the house. The wick was smoldering, reignited and burned the wall behind the fireplace before it luckily went out. Of course, the house was a mess. Since then, I’ve only used the battery operated ones. I need to check out those tapers. I do have a bunch, but I could always use more!! Happy Halloween! Xo

  3. Happy Halloween, I love the idea. We host our Pumpkin Carving Party every year, this will be a great idea to add to our decor. :-)

  4. The rub on stickers are pretty cool. Happy Halloween. Hugs. Kris

  5. I love this idea, Kim. Transfers really are all the rage, aren't they? No Christmas tree here today. I still wait until Thanksgiving weekend to decorate for Christmas!

  6. I love this easy craft to decorate the glasses. I hope you had a happy Halloween and now we are onto the holidays. Enjoy the rest of the week Kim.