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A Little Sunday Chat In November

November 05, 2023

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Well Hello November!

I know I'm a devoted summer lover, but my second favorite season is fall.

And not October fall, when the leaves are still green and the temps can be in the 70s.

Fall Floral Wreath

I'm talking crimson colored trees, chunky sweaters, hot chocolate and nights by the fireplace.

Around here, that starts in November.

It's the month that begins with turkeys and ends with Christmas trees and what could be better than that?

Big sparkle, delicious food and gatherings with great friends. As a matter of fact, we kicked this festive season off, last night, with my 37th high school reunion.

Calendar Night

I still have no voice from all the wonderful conversations with my former classmates.

Isn't it funny, how you can not see some people for years at a time, and yet whenever you get together, the old times just come flooding back in...the laughter...the memories...and you pick up right where you left off.

Almost as if no time had passed at all? 

I love that.

Speaking of old friends. Remember this chair? The one I covered with a seat skirt to hide the wear and {actual} tear?

No Sew Custom Chair

Well, at the beginning of August I chose fabric to recover it and it's been with the upholsterer ever since.

I've missed it terribly.

They're very, very busy at the shop, since there was a foam shortage over the last several years.

But. I was recently informed that my baby will be coming home soon and I cannot wait. My kitchen has just been so empty without it.

Fabric Choices For Chair Reupholstery

It's also been holding up a few other DIYs in that room. I'll share more about those in a moment, but let's talk a little bit about October first.

I was very busy with Halloween crafts, which is odd for me, but there were so many cute projects on my list, I had to dive in.
So what about those upcoming DIYs. Well, we are finally, really contemplating putting this drop in farmhouse sink in our kitchen. 

I've always wanted one and lost the war back in 2002. I've come up with a pretty workaround, but I'm ready for the real deal.

Easy To Open Kitchen Sink Farmhouse Skirt in a country cottage kitchen

I'm crossing my fingers for a November install, but that's really up to Mr. Exquisitely Unremarkable.

I also have to finish covering the bench in the kitchen. The pom poms are only pinned in place and there's no skirt. I have to wait to see how it will look with that chair before I do anything permanent.

I was also thinking about adding shades to the chandelier over the table. I removed the tiny lampshades years ago, when they felt a little dated.

They were also ripped.

Kitchen Chandelier in antique brown

Now, however, I'm craving a bit of color and warmth in the area. So I might have to hunt some down after the chair shows up.

Lastly, whenever I do get that new sink and chair, I'd like to make a new sink skirt to coordinate. I love the red toile, but it's time for a change.

And if you think that's a lot, just wait until you see what I have on the list for the holidays. I am knee deep in Christmas crafts and I love them all.

I can't wait to share. 

Well. If you've made it this far, I do have one question for you, before you leave. It has to do with blog hops. 

You know, where a group of bloggers share crafts or DIYs based on a singular theme, and at the bottom of the post there are links to all the blogs so you can read the other posts?

How Do You Feel About Blog Hops
Curious minds would love to know!

And with that I'm off to clean my house.

Or take a nap.

In front of the fireplace. 

Because I'm not as young as I was in high school.

And, after all, it is November.


Happy Fall Back Weekend, Friends!!

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  1. That chair is my all-time favorite online project. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I like the new rendition even more.

    1. Pat, I feel the exact same way!! I will admit I'm a little my fingers and toes are crossed along with you. I had a hard time handing this one over to someone else, but it needed to be completely redone and the job was beyond my quick and easy skill set!! 😉

  2. Ordered the Josephine sink and it arrived with a significant chip. My husband really did not want to change our sink because it means reworking the cabinets. I knew when I saw the chip that I had to raise the white flag, lol. Hope you have better luck, Kim!

    1. Oh no! This is why we've been dragging our feet. We currently have a cast iron sink and it's been a workhorse for the better part of 2 decades and it has no chips or wear after dropping pots and pans, glasses and dishes breaking in and on it, etc. We've had our reservations about the fireclay. Thanks so much for sharing your experience...I might have to rethink.

  3. Hello, Happy November to you... I had Charlie Brown Christmas music playing yesterday. ;-)

    1. Happy November!! Charlie Brown is a classic...I might just have to start playing it tonight!

  4. I'm a Summer girl too, but those are good points on November. Plus Thanksgiving and then my birthday are in there (Although birthdays don't rate as high as they used to. :) )
    I love that chair, and am waiting to see it's new look. Good luck on the sink!

    1. Thanks Mari! I hope I made a good decision with the chair. We'll see...and Happy Birthday! We have a few November birthdays in my family. Another reason so celebrate!!

  5. Hi Kim, before you go out and get chandy shades try covering the sleeves on the chandy with fabric, wall paper, wrapping paper or even paper napkins..just cut to size add a little to length wrap around and use glue dots to hold them in place

    1. Well, that's an interesting idea! I never thought about that. I have so many fabric and wallpaper scraps maybe I should start with that! Those chandy shades are pricey, so I think I'm going to try your idea first!! Thanks so much!!

  6. We were finally getting into some fall weather and now tomorrow it could be back up in the 70's again. Towards the end of the week we will be back to the high 50's so more normal for us. Just crazy the tug of war between summer letting go and fall coming in. I hope the chair will be beautiful. I love the fabrics you have picked out so I cannot wait to see it. Have a great new week. Hugs. Kris

    1. The weather here has been doing the same, Kris! Last night I wore a sleeveless top to the reunion, and I was still hot. Meanwhile, it was so brisk today, I needed a coat. Oh well, at least it's not snow! Haha...I know you've already has a visit from the snowflake fairy! I hope you have a lovely week too my friend! xo

  7. Can't wait to see your chair back in place and I HOPE. you get the drop in sink. I wanted one in the worst way but it was too close to the 'turn' in my kitchen so wouldn't work---darn it. I am so glad you had a good class reunion. I went to my first one 7 years ago and it was so much fun. I rarely click over on blog hops and responded that way. xo xo xo Diana

    1. My fingers are crossed for that sink, Diana, but we'll see. It might not be in the cards for us if it's prone to chipping. I love my countertop, or I'd swap it out and get the undermount farmhouse sink...but I'm not ready for that. Yet. The reunion was fun, we had a very small, very tight class, so it's always nice to see everyone. I'm glad you were able to get to one a yourself...maybe they'll be another one again soon. Although I know that's a trip for you...Thanks for answering the poll!! I've been curious about that for a long time...xoxo

  8. Love that chair. Can't wait to see the upgrade. I feel the same way about November. Crisp air and afternoon naps on the weekend. Happy fall Kim.

    1. Naps are the best! So funny, when I was in my 20s and 30s, I hated naps. Now I think there's nothing better on a chilly day!! Happy Fall!!

  9. So wonderful to hear you had a great time at your class reunion! I enjoyed mine so much too this year. That wreath is absolutely beautiful! I love looking at blog hops, although I often don’t participate in them. I’m not crafty at all, but I do love to get ideas! You always have such amazing ideas! And yay for the chair and the possible sink! Can’t wait for an update on those.

  10. We are downsizing to a Retirement flat very soon we get the keys on Wednesday so I am going to need all your ideas and diy`s plus I will still have a smaller Private garden to grow flowers & veggies/salads I am going for a complete change for decorating and soft furnishings so all your makes & ideas are going to be invaluable and I will have my own special sewing room as well for both my sewing machines and yes I am going to go floral as well lol

  11. I love the chair, and that kitchen is so pretty. I'm a Fall gal - I am OVER the summer heat! All Fall, all the time, please!

  12. I just know the chair will be beautiful and I can't wait to see the new farmhouse sink. I've always loved them and never got one, so my friend, I'm going to live vicariously through you!

  13. Kim, I love that chair and I can't wait to see how it looks with the new fabric. I love the way your sink looks now and I can't wait to see how the new sink looks. My mom had the most beautiful looking copper farmhouse sink in her kitchen that I just loved. I'm also looking forward to seeing your holiday crafts and house. I hope you have a nice November.

  14. Your DIYs are always so inspirational Kim! I occasionally do click over, but only if I am really interested, or have the time. I can't wait to see the redo of your chair!

  15. I can't wait to see the new chair. Love the fabrics. Our Farmhouse sink is cast iron from Kohler. I love it and it's huge. Every pan and pot fits. Fingers crossed that you can get one.

  16. Well happy High school reunion and I agree with you. It's strange how we can just connect again after so many years.

    I must admit I'm not a big fan of Autumn at all, but then again here in South Africa when we move into the colder months our trees go from green to brown to bare in what feels like the blink of an eye. There's no crimson colored trees in site. Maybe if Mother Nature put on a show I'd feel different.

    P.S. I can't wait to see what your re-fabbed chair looks like.