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Decoupage Thanksgiving Plate DIY

November 11, 2023

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I used scrapbook paper to turn an old thrift store plate into a unique decor accessory for Thanksgiving.

Check out the simple tutorial to create a fun, vintage style dish to decorate your home this fall.

How To Make  A Decoupage Thanksgiving Plate

Oh friends, it's been a week.

While the Christmas crafts have been planned and are waiting for me to get my hands dirty, I have to confess, my motivation has been lacking.

Instead of painting and pasting, reading blogs, answering comments and posting, I've been puttering around.

And fall cleaning my house.

I have to say, it's not a job I hate.

I rather enjoy the physical tasks of sorting, washing and decorating.

Moving pillows from one place to another, while music fills the house.

And while I haven't dragged the Christmas bins out of the basement yet, since I love that pause between Halloween and Thanksgiving, the house is filled with candlelight, lots of brand new red velvet pillows and cozy throws.

Thanksgiving Candlelight

That holiday feeling is creeping in. 

As a matter of fact, it started weeks ago, when I whipped up a quick Thanksgiving craft, this one from an old thrifted plate.

I've just been too distracted to sit still long enough to share.

Until now...and truth be told, if it weren't for my friend, Shari, who convinced me to put the mop down and start typing, this post might still be in draft.

So if you like today's craft, it's her you should thank.

I'd seen the most gorgeous vintage turkey plates in a local shop, but they were pricey, sold as a set and I really only wanted one for the new shelves in the family room.

So instead of buying all 12, I decided to make one of my own.

White Thrift Store Dish Makeover

I already had a plain white plate on hand, that I'd picked up from the same shop about a year ago, for a buck. It was the same size as the rooster plates already on the shelf. 

That meant the scale was right.

Thanksgiving Scrapbook Paper for Crafts

Next, I grabbed a piece of the scrapbook paper I purchased on the same day that I bought the sunflower paper I used to decoupage my pumpkin.

I chose a colorful turkey and cut it out with scissors.

How To Decoupage A Dish

I didn't worry about getting too close to the colored design, since both the plate and the background paper were white.

Once I had my turkey in hand, I picked up my paint brush and my decoupage gel and got to work.

Decoupage On Dinner Plate Makeover

I say this all the time, but if you're new here, I don't love Mod Podge.

It smells terrible and if I can avoid it, I do. Instead I use Dixie Belle's Satin Sealer. It's more expensive than Mod Podge, but it's been so worth it for me.

It has no odor and it comes in a huge container so it lasts a really long time. Plus it's a furniture grade sealer, that means it has staying power.

*Also, keep in mind that no decoupage glue is food safe. This craft idea is strictly for display.

When the dish was covered with it, I placed the turkey on top of it and used my fingers to smooth it down.

Smoothing Down Decoupage Paper

I normally wear a glove to remove any bumps and bubbles, so my fingers don't stick to the tacky surface, but scrapbook paper is much sturdier than tissue or napkins and doesn't wrinkle as fast.

It's more like rice paper...which is really my favorite.

I let my turkey set for a bit and then I added another coat of sealer on top of it.

How To Decoupage With Scrapbook Paper

I used a damp paper towel to wipe away any of the decoupage medium that was on the plate surrounding the paper pattern.

Wiping Away Excess Decoupage

Then I let it dry.

When I was done, I had a lovely addition to my growing collection of decoupage Thanksgiving Day decor.

Decoupage Turkey Plate

As I said earlier, my intention was to place it on the family room shelves. really popped on the red kitchen wall.

How To Make A Thanksgiving Plate

And on the plate stand. 

Honestly, it looked good no matter where I put it.

Thrift Store Upcycled Thanksgiving Plate

So this festive fellow has been making his way around the house ever since.

Living room, den, family room, kitchen.

Apparently, he's a free range turkey.

Who knew?

Oh, well, at least all the rooms are clean.


What have you been up lately?

Happy Decorating, Friends!

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  1. Very cute - I love doing mod podge art! Years ago I put some pretty Pottery Barn napkin fabric on clear plates and displayed them on top of my kitchen cabinets. Easy to peel off, too.

    1. It was so much fun, Gina. Decoupage has become my new passion. Your fabric plates sound lovely. Might need to put that on the list.

  2. Free Range turkey! That’s funny!

    I mostly have been trying to keep my sanity with our addition so close to being finished! Ahhhh! So excited!

    1. So exciting!! I hope you'll share all the details when you're done!!

  3. I laughed out loud at your 'free range turkey' comment!! And it turned out beautifully - I love how the blue/teal color really jumps out! I'm so with you on the 'pause' between Halloween and Thanksgiving. I know as bloggers, we're SUPPOSED to have Christmas up and photo'd before Labor Day (or so it seems sometimes), but honestly I would much rather post seasonal photos DURING the season. Thank you for the tip that the Dixie Belle Satin Sealer is a furniture sealant!! Did not know that. I am hoping to paint a wooden table using Fusion Mineral paint, but I'm such a newbie I get totally tripped up on finishes; your information is a big help!! Thank you for the lift in my day!!

    1. Thank you for all your kind words, Kristine. I'll very behind in answering comments. I'm sure by now you are fully decorated for Christmas. I hope you'll share your Fusion paint table. I've never tried it, but have always wanted to give it a whirl.

  4. Love the Turkey paper, can you tell us where you found it?

    1. Thanks Mary! I found the paper at Hobby Lobby. It was in the scrapbook paper aisle. I hope that helps!

  5. Another crafty Kim original. Love this. Have a great weekend. We are on the beach in Michigan and it has been sunny but a little chilly. Fall is finally here. Hugs. Kris

  6. Ok. Now I’m obsessed! Lol! That looks like so much fun! And so easy! I need to find something Christmasy and give it a try! That turkey is beautiful!

    1. SO easy, Mandy!! I hope you do try it and let me know.

  7. Oh my, my comment disappeared!
    Your free range turkey turned out great, Kim! I’ve done clear glass plates with the design adhered to the back of the plate. Thank you for reminding me. Have a happy week! ๐Ÿ๐Ÿงก๐Ÿ‚

    1. Thanks Kitty! Your plates sound lovely. Sorry about the disappearing comment. Blogger...grrr.

  8. Your free range turkey.. could become friends with my hens. ;-)
    I like it, it is the perfect touch for Thanksgiving.

    1. Sounds like a match made in heaven, Carla!!