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It's February: Let's Chat

February 04, 2024

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Oh boy, February. It's a mixed bag of feelings over here for sure.

I'm a dedicated summer girl, there's no secret about that.

I live in a cottage, at the beach, on an island, where summer is the best.

It's A Leap Year Let's Chat text in heart graphic over calendar

However, my island is located in the northeast, so the winters are brutal.

And I am not a fan.

And yet.

As I told my friend Carla, this week, when she shared a sweet poem about the month, February was the month that I became a bride, which means it's now the month we celebrate our anniversary.

Number 30 this year.

It's also the month of my handy guy's birthday, Valentine's Day.

And who doesn't love a groundhog?

So really, it should be one of my favorite months. But that cold and the snow...24 inches actually fell the day before we got married.

It just wears on me.

Like I said, it's a mixed bag.

The one really good thing about February is it's short.

Except for this year. Leap year.

Honestly, if any month could have an extra day, why couldn't it be warm one when I'd be hanging out in my garden?

Ah well, at least that groundhog didn't see his shadow. So hopefully, that means an early spring is on its way.

Ironically, January, one of the (seemingly) longest months of the year flew in one dark, cloud filled blur.

I wish I could say it was productive, but that would be a lie.

The sun rarely came out and I felt like my little friend Frederick, dreaming of sunshine and summer days.

And doing little else.

I did manage to share a few things with you like:

January Calendar Self Care

And a list of all the things I planned to accomplish in the first 31 days of the new year.

I'd like to report that completed them all, but if you caught my last post, you'll know how that went. (psst- not good!)

Along the way, I decided to make new curtains for my bathroom, but none of the fabrics I bought truly matched my decor when I brought them home. Ugh.

Green Fabrics and White PomPom Trim in a folded pile

In the store they all looked so pretty together and I was relatively sure they'd look good at home. I had samples cut, laid them out and walked around with them from room to room.

Look at all that cottage charm.

Green Cottage Style Fabric sample on a table

Unfortunately, it was another January fail, because when I when I went to put them all in my bathroom, nothing looked or felt right.

The tones were off just enough to clash with my current bedding and the bedroom walls.

Which is bummer, because they weren't cheap and trust me, I don't need to add even one more thread to my current fabric stash.

I'll definitely need to find another way to use them.

Believe it or not, the one fabric I did fall in love with is peppered with blue. Blue!!

I bought it to make curtains for my daughter's room, but I fell in love with the huge cabbage roses and claimed them for my room instead. We'll see how that turns out once I actually make the valance.

Kaufmann Battersea Bouquet Fabric on a window

With any luck I'll be able to stretch that one yard into three window treatments. Fingers crossed. 

I also finally talked my husband into another long awaited DIY.

Jeld-Wen Wooden French Panel Door against the wall

Other than that I still have that pile of unfinished projects leftover from from January's list.

I guess that means I need to try again in February.

There are quite a few of them, but I think I can get them done.

After all, I do have that extra day.


What are you big February plans?

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  1. Kim I love that beautiful blue and green fabric that you want to use in your bedroom. Notice how I only have eyes for the blue Haha!! I didn't even notice the other colors. Looking forward to this months projects. I need to declutter my closets and have been putting them off for long enough.

    1. I thought about you with fabric, Mary! I knew you'd love the blue. 💙

  2. Kim, me being a blue fan, I love that fabric. You have all the pretty green in there too so me thinks it would go in your bedroom, just throw a few blue pillows in and you would have something. UNLESS you are planning some sneaky move that we don't know about! Whatever you come up with will be gorgeous. I'm not worried..xxoJudy

    1. Well, funny you should say that Judy, because this weekend on a little trip I found a quilt that might match the other fabric. Of course, I haven’t put them all together yet. I’ll have to see, but that blue is just so very charming…and thank you for you confidence!! I seem to have lost some of mine lately.

  3. I love all of the fabrics you picked out! I love how you can pick two totally different patterns in two totally different colors and make them look amazing together! I know you will find a way to put them to good use! You have a lot of fun February happenings!

    1. Mandy, you are the sweetest!! Thank you so much for your kind words. Just what I needed on this Monday morning to get back in the decorating mood!!

  4. Those fabrics are gorgeous together. I hope you can find a way to use them all together. Have a great new week ahead. Hugs sweet friend. Kris

    1. Thanks Kris! I do love them...and in good news, this weekend I was visiting my daughter and we found a gorgeous quilt that just might make all the difference. I think it's the same tone as the fabrics. My fingers are crossed!! I hope you have a sunny week!!

  5. Kim, it looks like you'll be busy for this month with making curtains. Enjoy and I know they will come out beautiful looking.

    1. Thanks Julie! I think I'm in deep with all this fabric. Haha!! It's ironic that sewing is my least favorite craft. I love the results, but the process isn't always a smooth one!

  6. Hello, that was a cute poem, and it helps us smile about February. But you my dear have lots of things to smile about in February!!! Happy Anniversary #30 .... that is a true blessing and a lot to cheer about. :-)
    Happy Birthday to Mr. Handy Dandy!!!
    I love the cabbage roses on the fabric. I am all into roses for my garden. I never use to be. ;-)
    I plan to plant two this spring... fingers crossed they grow to be big and beautiful.
    Love, Carla

    1. Thank you for all the warm February wishes…and the perspective, Carla!! It really is a lovely month when I look beyond the clouds and cold. ☺️ We’ll have to swap rose stories this spring. I just read your tips. I think I’m going to need them!!

  7. Kim, I love how you don’t settle for less than what is absolutely perfect and on point! You will find a use for that fabric at some point. Now I can’t wait to see what you are doing with that door! Happy February! At least we Islanders are seeing some sun…finally!

    1. Haha, thanks Susan!! Sometimes I'm not sure if that design OCD is a blessing or a curse...but I'm glad you see it as an admirable quality. I hope my husband feels the same way when we tackle that door!! 😉 Enjoy the sunshine, gosh I hope that groundhog is right!!

  8. I'm trying to get some areas sorted and organized, which hasn't happened since the addition was finished at Thanksgiving time. It will happen bit by bit.
    Right now we are focused on Kyle's recovery. He's doing well and we are grateful!

    Deanna Rabe

  9. Adding my voice to the chorus of praise for that floral so pretty, classic, timeless. But now I can't wait to see the quilt that you bought! I bought my first-ever quilt at an antique mall recently; I never thought of myself as a quilt girl, but things do change! I am looking forward to hearing what decisions you make, and how you go forward with some of those gorgeous fabrics.

  10. Very cute fabric!

    Also, I'm the same way this year for 2024, I went into the year with no plans but huge milestones have hit me left and right (newly pregnant, new blog, and new workout plan my husband put together)

    So you never know where life takes you. Sometimes I like experiencing things as they come!

  11. Kim,
    I do love that fabric with the cabbage roses...SO PRETTY!!!! And I can not wait to see what you are going to do with that French door!!! I am so curious!! I hope you are having a good week!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog

  12. Those curtains look superb. I forgot it was a leap year. I love summers by the sea. You must feel very lucky to live in a cottage at the beach. Thanks for sharing

  13. That’s too bad about the failed fabrics, Kim, but at least you loved the one with the bit of blue. It looks so pretty! I do love the others so much that didn’t work for your bathroom, but hopefully you’ll be able to use them. Enjoy leap year! ❤️

  14. Oh, I feel for you, Kim. Winter is the worst. We don't get snow here on the highveld but the Winters are just blegh. Dusty, cold, windy, dry and depressing. If I could hibernate the whole way through, I would.

  15. Happy Anniversary and Happy Birthday to the handy guy.
    My husband and I both celebrate our birthdays in this month so it's hard to hate.

  16. I love all the fabrics! Sorry for being MIA but I'm back and ready to roll. I can't wait to see your handy work once again.

  17. We have blue in our bedroom so I wasn't surprised when I liked the blue and green fabric that you want to use in your bedroom.

    Happy Anniversary and Happy birthday wishes to the handy guy.
    Sending my good wishes.

    All the best Jan