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Front Door Decor: Autumn Leaf Turkey

October 28, 2013

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Make something truly unique for your Thanksgiving front door with a thrift store frame and a few dollar store supplies.

It's a fun way to welcome guests instead of hanging a traditional wreath.

And an quick and crafty home decor DIY.

Turkey Sign

I have tons of great front door décor for October and Halloween and even more fabulous options for Christmas, but in between, when November rolls around, I am always at a loss.

Thanks to Pinterest and the super creative world of blogging, I'm no longer excited by the prospect of yet another wreath on my front door.

This year, I wanted something different, something truly unique and really creative.

But what exactly?

I had no idea.

Then last week, I wandered into the thrift store looking for some fall decor and found this lovely old frame and knew immediately how I was going to dress up my home for the holiday.

Fall Turkey Sign hanging on wall with feathered leaves

Of course, once I had finished my cute little gobbler, I realized that he would look really great inside the house as well.

So I moved him around to see where I liked him best.

Front door, wall or fireplace mantel...

I honestly still can't decide, but that's ok, I love options.

This is where it all started. 

Vintage painting

I picked up the picture up for $5.00 at the local thrift store. I absolutely love the frame.

It's a great size, it has real presence.

It's old pine, weathered and beaten.

So charming. 

I had fully intended to paint over the still life for a complete upcycle, but once I turned it over and read the personal inscription, dated 1955, I just couldn't do it.

Someone obviously put a lot of time and effort into this piece and the artist (and sentimentalist) in me just did not have the heart to erase it. 

I'm still not sure what I am going to do with it, but that's a post for another day.

How to paint a turkey

Luckily, I had an extra 16 x20 board - the kind of board I use to mount my paint by number canvases - in the basement and I painted it orange.

When it was dry I added the turkey. I simply painted a circle, added a head, neck and some feet. It was a very basic shape.

Just like the turkey I painted on my upcycled ceiling fan blades.

When that was dry, I used black to add some definition to the body.

How to paint a turkey

Constructing the tail was the fun part.

I used Mod Podge to glue fabric leaves that I picked up at Dollar Tree to the board.

I mapped out my pattern first and when I was happy with the arrangement, I grabbed my foam brush.

It was still a bit tacky when I stenciled the letters on to the board.

I am not a perfectionist, but that's ok, I wanted a bit of a primitive look to complement the frame.

Thanksgiving turkey sign

My craft cabinet is full of remnants and I'm so happy when I get to pull something out of it!

I used glitter foam for the beak and waddle and a piece of wired orange ribbon to add some sparkle. The last touch was a pair of wiggly eyes.

Back of picture frame with hooks and wire

I used two small finishing nails to anchor the board into the frame and added picture hooks and twelve pound picture string to the back.

And voila, my truly unique, vintage frame turned front door décor was complete.

Thanksgiving mantel ideas

At least I think it's going on my front door!

Hmmm...where do you think it looks best?

I have tons of front door decor this one:
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  1. Very lovely! have nice days fall!

  2. Great idea! I would have had a hard time painting over the painting also!

    1. Rhonda, I just couldn't do it...I really don't know what I am going to do with the painting, but at least it's not on my conscience that I destroyed someone else's hard work! :) It must be the artist in us both!

  3. Really great job on the turkey and I think he looks great against the stone on your fireplace!

    1. Thanks Courtney, think he's going to stay there and I will be making a wreath for the front door after all!

  4. This is a cute idea! Love your fireplace too! Dee :)

    1. Thanks Dee...I was looking to do something different! I love that fireplace's what sold us on the house!

  5. It could just be the lighting...but I think it looks really good on your mantel. :) What a fun creation!!!

    1. You know Diane, I have to agree with you. I made it for the front door, but the more I see it on the mantle, the more I like it there! And just when I thought I had my front door décor all taken care of for Thanksgiving! ;) I'd better get (another) move on! Thanks for weighing in!

  6. Oh this is such a fun idea. Love it, and your turkey is just the cutest. Thanks tons for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

    1. Thanks Marty! I was looking do something a little bit different, colorful and fun!

  7. Your turkey really made me smile, Kim. He looks great on the mantle, front door and everywhere!
    Have a great Sunday.

    Robyn @ simply fresh dinners

    1. Thanks so much, Robyn! I was looking for something a bit different this year and he fit the bill! Thanks for stopping by! :)

    2. Really cute! I think he looks great where he is! Good job!!

    3. Thanks Becky, I think I may have to make something new for my front door after all! He seems to have roosted on my mantle! :)

  8. Adorable! Thanks for sharing at Silver Pennies Sundays. x

    1. Thanks Danielle...and thanks again for the party!

  9. This is so cute! I'm afraid I'm a bit of a sentimentalist myself...I have a few things I've saved from projects that I don't know what I'll do with either! This is perfect for thanksgiving :) Thanks so much for sharing at our Get Your DIY on party! I hope you can join us again tomorrow night at 7:00 EST. Our new theme is 'Set the Table' You can share anything that helps make a holiday table festive. Hope to see you there:)