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Dollar Tree Galvanized Bucket Makeover

September 19, 2023

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I decorated a Dollar Tree metal bucket with a wall decal and had a lovely home decor accessory to brighten my home in minutes.

Elegant, inexpensive and in bulk, this craft be used to make customized party favors or centerpieces. Check out the step by step details.

Quick and Easy Dollar Tree Vase Makeover

Yesterday it rained.

A lot.

And it was a good thing.

Not because we needed it, it's actually been a pretty wet summer around here.

But I needed it.

You see when it's nice outside, I want to be outside.

Sunshine and vitamin D...walks on the beach. You get the picture.

And while all that lovely time spent in the great outdoors is wonderful, it leaves me with little time inside, to craft.

So with the raindrops falling hard during most of the afternoon, I dug into my supply closet and got busy.

My goal was to start creating decor for fall.

Upcycling some old pumpkins and tending to a few thrift items in need of a little love.

And I did all of those things.


Between the rain and the first day of autumn arriving this weekend, I decided to spend a few quick minutes making one last flower craft.

To hold onto that sunshiny feeling just a bit longer. You know, being an summer girl and all.

Have you seen these little buckets?

Dollar Tree Metal Bucket With Rope

Every time I go into Dollar Tree they're staring me in the face. 

While I'm a big fan of small metal vases, I wasn't sure about that rope, but sometime last year, in a buying frenzy, I brought one home.

Although, that didn't change anything. I still wasn't in love with it and couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it.

Then yesterday, with all my supplies scattered across the kitchen floor, it came to me.

Over the last decade one of my favorite DIYs has been making wooden signs with wall decals. So whenever I pop into Dollar Tree, I grab a few, since they have a great selection.

Dollar Tree Pink Flower Decals

Now, except for the bedding I bought last year, I don't have any pink in my house, but I when I saw these large, bright flower decals, I had to have them.

Like that bucket, though, I was at a loss when I tried to come up with something to make with them. Something that I'd actually use.

Then they ended up on the table next to one another and immediately, I knew these two misfits would make a perfect pair.

And they did. In minutes.

I simply peeled the heavy paper flower away from its backing and stuck it on the small galvanized tub.

Dollar Tree Flower Wall Decal

To make sure it would stay in place permanently, I coated it with Dixie Belle's satin clear coat.

You can use Mod Podge, I just like the Dixie Belle product better.

Adding Decoupage Over Sticker

It's much more expensive, but it's a furniture grade sealer, works on everything from wood and metal to fabric and it doesn't smell or bother my allergies, so for me, it's been worth the price.

I also used a brush from Dollar Tree.

Dollar Tree Paint Brush

It's honestly one of the best brushes I've ever had and the price is ridiculous. I need to go back and buy 10 more.

The last step in this quick process was to make sure there were no wrinkles or bubbles forming.

Decoupage Transfer To Galvanized Tub

To do that, I slipped my hand inside a baggie and used my fingers to press and smooth the flower.

Once it was dry, I placed a faux plant from Ikea inside and set it on my nightstand.

Dollar Tree Galvanized Bucket Planter DIY

Adding another pop of pink to brighten my bedroom.

And join the other flowers in the room.

DIY Dollar Tree  Floral Metal Planter

Helping to keep that summer feeling in this space.

All year long.


Before you go, I just wanted to say that this craft is inexpensive enough to use on a much larger scale.

The buckets and the wall flowers are $1.25 each. The flower stickers come on a sheet of 6. That means you could make six pots for under ten bucks.

And their uses are endless. They'd make great table decorations when filled with flowers or beautiful party favors when filled with trinkets.

Think bridal or baby showers, weddings, Sweet 16 celebrations, graduations, communions, etc.

Decorating Dollar Tree  Metal Rope Vases

If the flower doesn't work for your theme, all you need to do is swap it out for another sticker at Dollar Tree or make your own. 

How easy is that?

What would you use them for?

Happy Crafting, Friends!
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  1. Oh that is so pretty!! I haven't done too many crafty things lately. I've been cooking and baking and going to estate sales! I'm a little behind in showing pix of the estate sale finds...but I've got them!!! Meanwhile I've been posting recipes. Have a wonderful week!!!

    1. Thanks Jan! Sounds like you’ve been busy with fun things! I’m a little behind on everything lately, summer’s had me on the ropes the last few weeks and it’s been glorious. I adore this season. It’s my favorite, although I have to say, I’m getting ready for fall, which is a little out of character. I think I’m just excited to sit down, craft, decorate and catch up with all the blogland fun I’ve missed! Enjoy the week!

  2. Is that cute or what? And like you said, there are so many ways you could use this!

    1. Thanks Mari! So simple, but this one is pulling at my heartstrings.

  3. I'm over here squealing at how cute that is!! It's just the perfect hint of pink! I'm the same as you. Although I'm not a crafter, I tend to do my best "puzzle'ing" and blogging when the weather outside is less than stellar.

    1. Thanks Mandy! There's something about a chilly, rainy day that makes me want to hunker down and get crafty! Speaking of puzzles, I haven't done one in a while, but it's been on my brain lately. Might have to pick one up!

  4. What a great idea! Where have I been? I never realized the $ Store had decals! I never even thought about them for brushes either. I have to do a little fall project for the clubhouse. I have 6 round tables and this might just be perfect! Thanks for the inspiration.
    Our weather is in the 80s here this week. I am pretty sure we are breaking records this year. xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! I'm so glad that my share inspired you! ❤️ I swear every time I go the dollar store, I find something new. It can be a dangerous place for sure. My one dollar, one dollar, one dollar turns into fifty by the time I get to the register. Especially when it gets cold out...I need something to ease the pain. Enjoy your warm weather!! xo

  5. This is awesome and pretty Kim. You are really getting your craft on. Have a good week. Hugs. Kris

    1. Thanks Kris! It was cheap and fast...just the way I like it. I wonder what that says about me!?! Hahaha!! Have a super week, I hope it's sunny in your world!

  6. That's such a sweet little craft and I can picture it being useful in many ways!

  7. Love it ... and we went to a wedding that had little galvanized buckets with the Mr. and Mrs. names on them. You are right, perfect idea to do for so many celebrations or decorating for the seasons.

  8. Kim,
    How sweet is that cute galvanized little bucket!! Love it!