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10 Super Crafty DIY Ideas

December 30, 2014

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Looking for some decorating or super crafty DIY inspiration for the new year?

Well, why not start with some of my most popular projects.

10 Super Crafty DIY Ideas

Whether you're interested in an easy home decor idea to spice up your house for a holiday celebration or to transform your space with an easy trick, you're bound to find something here.

Take a peek, pin away for the new year and be sure to let me know which one is your super crafty favorite!

10 Crafty DIYs to Spruce Up Your Home

My number one most popular DIY this year was all about Staining A Concrete Patio.

Guess we're not the only ones with an ugly cement slab, huh? It was a super easy way to transform our backyard.

And it worked out great for many years until we decided to paint the concrete. That was also a very popular, simple and inexpensive DIY.

You can check them both out and decide which process would be best for you.

How To Stain A Concrete Patio

Moving inside, popular post number two was a fashion upcycle. I like to makeover more than just home decor.

In Pullover To Ribbon Cardigan Sweater I showed you a quick way to update an old wardrobe piece into something brand new and fabulous.

Just in time too, it's sweater weather people.

Plain Pullover To Ribbon Cardigan DIY

Number three was my Winter Snowflake Wreath.

I dubbed it my After Christmas Blues wreath, but there's nothing sad about this Frozen inspired dollar store pretty.

And year after it continues to one of my all time most visited posts. 

Check out the super simple directions and have one whipped up in a flurry.

I mean hurry. 😉

Dollar Store Snowflake Wreath with Blue Bow

I've discussed Adding Fabric To Glass Doors before and it's still a popular topic.

Whether you're looking to add interest to your kitchen cabinets or a media center, fabric is the way to make a statement.

This quick trick can turn a display area into storage and transform a stock piece of furniture into a cottage style charmer.

Adding fabric to glass doors

Speaking of fabric, nothing packs a punch more than a dramatic window treatment.

Custom curtains do more than frame the view, they set the mood and define a room's style.

These Easy Ring Clip Curtains are super simple to construct. If you'd rather have full curtain panels, they're just as easy. 

You can even doll them up with a little bit of pom pom fringe for extra charm.

Sew or no sew, that's up to you, the results are fabulous either way.

Ring Clip Rooster Valances

And while the holidays may be over,  apparently How To Make A Gift Basket & Look Like A Pro is an important skill all year round.

Baby showers, birthdays, raffles, anniversaries, weddings...the events and celebrations never stop coming.

A gift basket is always in style, especially when it's wrapped right

How To Make A Gift Basket And Look Like A Pro

I have to say that number eight is truly one of my favorites.

This Easy Skirted Table Tutorial warmed up my living room and was done without permanent damage to the piece.

Click through to see my tricky secret.

And then pop over to visit my DIY kitchen sink skirt inspired by the living room table. It's a wow.

Trust me.

Cottage Style Skirted Coffee Table

My signature style is easy and inexpensive and nothing represents that better than my Elegant Wooden Frame Art coming in at number nine.

These pieces were ridiculously inexpensive at the craft store and yet they look like a million bucks on my bathroom wall.

Cottage style and super sweet, they dress up the bathroom with lacey vintage look.

Check out the easy tutorial, but spoiler alert, I just painted them and hung them up.

White wooden frames on a red painted wall with tulips in the foreground

In Discovering Your Style, I pondered changing my decor based on a Pinterest whim.

Find out what happened.

White kitchen sink by a window

Coming in at number ten, is my Puzzle Piece Love Garland.

I just adore this project, it's easy, dainty and perfectly perfect for Valentine's Day or weddings.

The idea can also be used to create any sentiment you like, from Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas to Welcome Baby or Boo!

The possibilities are endless. Just grab a puzzle and go.

Puzzle Love Banner on kitchen hood

I know that I said ten projects, but number eleven is just so darn cute, I had to mention it.

And it really only missed a top spot by a couple of views.

It's my Book Page Magazine Hanger.

The magazines are off the table and I used old book pages. 

I love that combo.

The Exquisitely Unremarkable Magazine Hanger

Well, that's a wrap!

There you have them, ten of my most Exquisitely Unremarkable crafty projects.

I hope you enjoyed taking a peek and found something that you might be able to use in your own crafty pursuits in the coming year.

Which, by the way, is almost upon us! So, I would like to take this opportunity to wish you all a happy, healthy New Year and thank you for visiting me during this one.

I truly value each and every time you have popped by, left a comment, shared an idea or featured one of my posts.

It means more to me than you'll ever know.

Happy Crafty New Year!
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  1. Thanks Kim, another great post. My favorite is your valance, which I hope to make for my kitchen window. I use red in my kitchen, with a chef motif and now that I received a red candle burner for Christmas, I know it will look pretty. Happy New Year! Marcy

  2. Okay, so I liked them all. I sent the link for the ring top curtains to my daughter. She is looking for a way to temporarily shorten her curtains without permanently altering them. I am hoping it would work to clip the rings about six inches down from the top of the fabric and let the excess hang behind.

    I also am going to check out the post for the snowflake wreath. My mom is a snowman fan and decorates with snowmen all winter. This year I made her some paper ornaments for her tree that were snowflakes and I am wondering if a wreath could be made from paper snowflakes as well. Happy New Year Kim!

  3. Oh Kim, how I love seeing your home. Your kitchen is so bright and beautiful, and you and I have a similar hood over the stove! But my kitchen does need a paint job, and WHITE is the color I want, to bring in more light.

    I have this week to go on vacation, then it's back to work. It wasn't enough time to actually do everything I wanted, but today, I am going to try to eek out a day of good reading. But lately, I've been wanting to embroider! Oh the fun to be had!!!

    Enjoy a safe and lovely New Year's Eve! Anita

  4. White and bright is always a favorite, Anita! I bet it will be lovely! Enjoy your week of vacation, reading and embroidering sound very relaxing. I may join you in your pursuit! ;) Happy New Year!

  5. Lorri, you're so nice! I am sure that the clip idea would shorten the curtains. I think that trick will to iron the fold and if it's too flappy, perhaps fold it twice. For example, three inches, then fold it under again three inches. I really don't like ironing, but I find it's the secret ingredient in sewing (or no sewing) projects! Good luck and let me know how it goes with the snowflake wreath. I think if you use so decoupage gel to stiffen them up, it would be great!! Happy New Year! :)

  6. I bet it will look super, Marcy! You have to keep me posted and let me know when you make them! Happy New Year and thanks so much for all of your nice comments and visits this year! It was a pleasure meeting you! :)

  7. It is sweater weather here for sure this morning...I could put on THREE of those lovely sweaters of yours ! :)

  8. Great projects, Kim. I love the LOVE banner in red. It's so perfect in your white kitchen. I also love the curtain under the side table, so clever. You are so creative. xoox

  9. I think that red LOVE banner is how we met last year! You were so very generous, sweet and super kind to feature me in a "Create" post and introduce me to your readers. I still think about that every single time I visit you and your lovely blog! :) I am looking forward to another year of friendship! Happy New Year, Su!

  10. It's sweater weather times three here too, Deb!! I went to the beach and watched some of my neighbors hop in the ocean for the annual Polar Bear Plunge! I was freezing in my coat, hat and gloves ~ I can't imagine how they felt! Stay warm and thanks for the sweet sweater comment! :)

  11. Ah, yes. I remember each one of these wonderful posts. It was a great year at Exquisitely Unremarkable. It will be fun to see what you inspire us with this year, Kim. xxx ~ Nancy

  12. Thank you for your very kind words, Nancy. I had tons of fun crafting, decorating and writing this past year! I am looking forward to more of the same in 2015...maybe with the addition of some quilting and crocheting, too!! :)

  13. Aaaaggghh! I keep forgetting to do that snowflake wreath!!!! I should've done it this year with my theme! Why didn't you remind me? LOL! Just kidding, so I won't forget, I'm pinning it now!

  14. Vel, I am so excited that you like the wreath! Maybe next winter when the baby is a little older she can help you make it! :) Happy New Year!

  15. What a fun post, Kim! I'm a color-lover girl, too, and have enjoyed embracing more color in our home. I do like light and bright colors most of all and have been making that my focus over the last year or so. I think your chicken valance is just adorable and happy, but I also really liked the sweet lace valance, too. I truly adore the cute things you have made with puzzle pieces...they are sitting in a Pinterest folder waiting for me to get my rear in gear!

    Hope you are having a great week!

    1. Thanks so much, Carol! I do love color and colorful projects. I hope you do make some and share them with us. I would love to see what you have up your crafty sleeve!